Augmented Reality Solutions

we support companies in the complete development of their AR systems.


The ongoing evolution of Augmented Reality (AR) technology brings new opportunities to improve design, manufacturing, maintenance and training processes for businesses in a number of industries.

Over the past several years, Synergy IT has observed the dramatic growth in AR market and how the technology is combining with Virtual Reality (VR) to transform the daily operations of small, medium and large scale businesses. Even though they are not novel concepts, these technologies have gained more momentum in past 10 years with the widespread use of digital devices including smartphones, tablets and smart glasses.

Our AR and mixed reality specialists combine content, technology and business processes to deploy scalable solutions that are also customised and fine tuned to your enterprise’s needs. With cross-industry expertise and experience in such strategies, we can support companies in complete development of their AR systems from conceptualization to delivery.

Synergy IT Solutions - Innovating with Augmented Reality


We help our clients to integrate AR into their current operations and improve workflows. The customized business applications where AR technologies can be embedded include:

Design / Architecture

While preparing the blueprints for new products or building structures, your designers/architectures want to check how the three dimensional physical configuration will look and feel. With AR we can help them to visualize such content in 3D even though they design it in 2D. Your clients also prefer to get such realistic models of products to be created.


AR can make your product demonstrations more interesting. Leveraging the technology, your sales reps can showcase the important features of a product more effectively, check the available inventories and refer to real time sales data. With such information they can provide all necessary details to prospective distributors / retailers and close deals faster. Synergy IT helps you align AR/VR technologies to your sales processes.


From complex assemblies and automation to supplemental knowledge and quality assurance, AR has a wide range of applications in manufacturing processes. It can also help technicians and engineers interact with machinery from remote locations. We can help you leverage AR to optimize your manufacturing processes, add more efficiency to assembly lines, and reduce costs of production.


Using AR technologies you can improve the efficacy of your training programs. The conventional lectures, manuals and printed handouts can be replaced by immersive learning experiences. We will help you create the real world scenarios you need to make trainings more valuable and ensure better knowledge retention.


If you are trying to simplify and improve your regular on-site inspection and maintenance procedures, AR can help your engineers by generating methodical visual instructions and automated reports. The direct benefits are cost savings and saving of time spent in traveling for repairs. You can also improve your customer experience by applying AR for repairs and maintenance services. We will assist you in its deployment for such tailored applications.

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