Avaya Cloud Phone System Service and Overall Support

Avaya Cloud Phone System and Avaya in general is a great communication platform and Synergy IT offers you total managed support for it.
Avaya Cloud Office and other Functions

In scenario of today’s global world, your business can expect the clients to want options for interaction with your firm in many ways rather than via just calling. ACO provides the digital features of connecting like text and mail and also equips staff to be able to communicate with colleagues anytime from anywhere from PC or mobile device. Avaya Cloud Office has hybrid features that integrate with several other apps. Additionally it provides call management and analytics. Synergy IT improves your performance by first analyzing & assessing these metrics and then applying required changes from the input received as per your business requirement.

Synergy IT Solutions - Your Avaya Cloud Support Partner
Avaya IP Telephone
Choose Your Resources, Deployment, and Cloud Solution
Avaya Cloud is such a versatile service that it offers huge potential for your Business growth if used to the best of its capabilities and Synergy IT helps identify and implement these abilities according to your organisation’s needs. Avaya cloud service provider has innovation with some top class solutions. It has a variety of added services you can choose to implement as in Avaya OneCloud Private, PBX Provider etc. it has vast resources and we help you select depending on what suits the most.
Your Avaya VoIP Phone System Setup and staff training

Synergy IT can maximize the benefits your Business can possibly gain from Avaya Cloud Phone System, Business VoIP Provider and its overall Business & Digital Communications Services. You can rely on us to bring you plenty of leverage out of Avaya Cloud Office communications. We’ill work in ways to ensure that being in a working collaboration with us allows you to acquire the best of Avaya features and reap positive results for your business and at at the same time we’ll train your employees with necessary skills. Some advantages you would also get are; more flexibility in accommodating new locations and members, increased productivity in streamlining, enhanced communications and help regarding Solution management.

Avaya IP Telephone
Avaya Cloud Phone System - Powered by Synergy IT
Handling Avaya Contact Center as a Service
Users like to engage with businesses through their own channels of convenience these days. Avaya OneCloud CCaaS has such technological features which fulfill these user requirements. Also lets you streamline processes along with gaining performance analytics and insights. Other related features include tools for staff engagement, wholesome and efficient CCaaS functionality, Artificial Intelligence based interactions and functions. We will handle all these platform functions to ensure best overall experience and save you a lot of time and focus you can use on other business processes.
We also provide regular and continuous Avaya maintenance.
Transform your business by joining hands with Synergy IT, one of the leading managed service providers in Communications and Cloud Solutions for Small & Medium-Sized Business. We are available in all major cities throughout Canada including Montreal, Toronto, Mississauga, Vancouver and Vaughn to name a few, For more information, any query or help please give us a call. Our dedicated team of Cloud and telecom solutions experts is available 24/7.
Regular and continuous Avaya maintenance.
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