AWS Migration Service

Synergy IT has resources to continually safeguard your digital information and business assets with its Managed Security Solutions.


As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner, Synergy IT offers reliable AWS Cloud based solutions to help you perform your revenue-generating operations and to make necessary changes as per your evolving business needs. With our experience and efficiency in facilitating quick AWS Migrations, you can capitalize upon the power of cloud with minimum investments.


Flexible Administration

AWS provides a truly flexible set of storage and administration capabilities. The architectural design is optimally planned for a variety of applications and software systems. Your IT administrators can easily control your business infrastructure in this cloud.

High Scalability, Availability and Durability

The strong infrastructure of AWS is durable and it brings more reliability for maintaining key production databases owned by businesses. Your organization can also scale the database’s computing and storage resources with merely some clicks or an API call.

Seamless Deployment

When you have AWS for your cloud platform, you can easily proceed from a new project conception to deployment. Introducing new databases and connecting to your enterprise apps is a breeze.


You get the benefits of scalability and reliability with AWS cloud solutions. An extensive and secure infrastructure is the backbone of Amazon’s multi-billion dollar venture and it has been improving year after year. End-to-end encryption is ensured for your apps.

Cost Efficiency

It is an affordable plan and your business will only pay for the resources that it actually uses.

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