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Consumers today expect their dealings with banks, insurance companies and other financial organizations to be personalized and secure across all digital touchpoints. The financial services industry has also seen the entry of innovative FinTech companies that are setting new standards of service and competence in the digital economy. Along with these changes it is getting increasingly important to comply with the norms laid for data security in the consumer and business finance domains.

Synergy IT has solved the most complex of technology challenges for organizations in the banking, insurance, asset & wealth management, loan and capital market segments. With our well-defined quality levels and project execution strategies we ensure that our clients stay way ahead of their competition by achieving technology excellence relevant to their industry.

As an enterprise dealing in finance, you may be trying to keep pace with digital transformation of your industry, fulfil cross-channel customer expectations, enhance operational efficiency, or strengthen the security of your IT systems.We will help you remould your services and achieve your objectives with our managed IT solutions.

Networking Support and Maintenance - Synergy IT

We understand that financial institutions like yours need to have robust cybersecurity and next-generation platforms to thrive in the transforming new economic environment. Synergy’s solutions are tailored to give you the advantages of smooth operations, reduced security risks, improved business agility and the highest RoI.

Our team helps enterprises in the finance domain to successfully resolve the concerns that have emerged with the increasing use of technology. These include:

  • Mitigating the security breaches and incidents of cyber thefts while maximizing the value of customer experiences
  • Staying compliant with increasing regulatory mandates
  • Transforming the organization to constantly improve desktop and mobile-based financial transaction experiences
  • Deploying better tools and connectivity technologies to enhance overall network performance
  • Leveraging IT and digitalization to achieve unique competitive advantages
Improving functional efficacy and security of your operations

Our solutions are custom designed to meet the changing requirements of banking, financial services and insurance companies. With more than 20 years of experience in the field we understand how to remould the dynamics of conventional financial ecosystems for more efficiency and security. We also help you deliver the anytime – anywhere solutions that your customers expect on their devices in the digital age. Furthermore, we ensure that in delivering the expected these services, your own revenue and profitability are always on the upward curve.

Synergy IT’s technology services for the financial industry encompass:

  • Custom application development and maintenance services for secure transactions and superior customer experience on mobile devices
  • 24/7 monitoring and support for data centres, servers, networks and linked computers
  • Installation and upgrades of antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spam tools for individual systems and entire office network
  • Patch management solutions
  • Disaster recovery support with data backups
  • Managed firewall solutions for prevention of data loss, intrusion detection and filtering of web content
  • Colocation facilities at secure data centres owned by Synergy IT
  • Cloud storage solutions
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