Business Solutions – Not for Profit

We help our clients maximize their returns on IT investments and ensure that their tech assets are always functioning optimally

Business Solutions – Not for Profit

At Synergy IT we understand how not-for-profit organizations struggle to make the most of their limited funds in supporting noble causes. They cannot afford to spend high amounts of money in maintaining IT infrastructure and networks. And yet they need technology to sustain their operations and collaborate with donors and sponsors who support them.

With digitalization impacting banking and financial transactions, it is also essential for non-profit companies to stay in sync with the latest versions of technology and leverage it for accepting and spending monetary grants.

Not-for-profit is one of the key industries served by Synergy IT. We help our clients maximize their returns on IT investments and ensure that their tech assets are always functioning optimally.

Tailored Software Solutions by Synergy IT
Synergy IT offers end to end solutions

If your organization needs a trusted partner to handle your IT activities round the clock, we will be your managed IT services provider and provide the value that you seek in technology support. We use a progressive and responsive approach to address any challenge that your organization may be facing at managing its IT infrastructure.

Synergy IT offers end to end solutions to help your not-for-profit organization address challenges such as:

  • Sustaining IT infrastructure to keep up with the growth of data stored across devices and servers
  • Upgrading the legacy systems that are getting obsolete and more difficult to support
  • Managing risks, compliance and security with the constant growth of data and number of devices storing them
  • Consolidating the fragmented IT infrastructure that is complex to monitor and manage
  • Streamlining maintenance programs and doing away with multiple support contracts for a range of IT devices and systems

We do not sell commodity solutions or act as a faceless vendor by only providing remote support for IT systems. Instead, we form supportive relationships with our clients to solve the problems that prevent them from making full use of technology strengths. You can count upon us for both on-site and off-site services as per your preferences and needs.

Our IT Services for Non-Profit Organizations include but are not limited to:

  • Round the clock monitoring and support for servers, data centres, networks and connected devices
  • Configuration, deployment and upgrades of antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spam and other cyber security solutions for individual devices and complete network
  • Patch management for servers and end user devices
  • Data backup and disaster recovery support
  • Managed firewall services with intrusion detection, prevention of data loss, malicious web content filtering and software control
  • Colocation services for critical IT assets at Synergy IT’s own, secure data centres
  • Cloud computing solutions
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