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Microsoft recently had its World Partners Conference in Toronto, bringing our amazing city some much-needed attention.

DOING Business In Toronto

Microsoft recently had its World Partners Conference in Toronto, bringing our amazing city some much needed attention. Toronto is not only Canada’s financial capital, but is also its cultural hub. The Greater Toronto Area ( GTA) is home to a very diverse population giving this amazing city a variety of perspectives and opinion.

Toronto is a great place to do business, and the city offers many incentives for potential investors, and upcoming companies hoping for a future in the city. The city itself is one of the largest purchasers of public goods, and services and can offer many opportunities for vendors. The GTA is also known for free market and private enterprise dominance, this means businesses tend to flourish in the GTA and its easy for existing businesses to expand.

Don’t take our word for it, as the numbers will speak for themselves- Industry leaders have based themselves in Toronto. This city is home to 9 out of Canada’s top 10 law firms and accounting groups as well as Canada’s top 5 banks. The GTA is also famous for housing North Americas second largest automotive centre.

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Toronto also offers many incentives for businesses to start-up in the city, such as Small Business Funding- where the city provides funding for eligible businesses that need a kick-start. Other incentives offered by the city are:

  • Imagination, Manufacturing, Innovation, Technology (IMIT) Grants
  • Brownfields Remediation Tax Assistance
  • Reducing business taxes
  • Gold Star service for business

When disaster strikes, chaos prevails. We understand this inevitability and strive through Disaster Recovery System to ensure that our client doesn’t get in a rut. Disruption in business not only affects cost but also his brand equity. Helping the client maintain proper business continuity even in the face of disaster is what we excel at. We imbibe an extensive and all-consuming process compatible with different levels of infrastructure and business environment. Our direct aim is to revive maximum inputs and variables and minimize losses in terms of data and structure.

We keep updating our Disaster Recovery System to meet new demands. We keep malwares and other intruding elements at bay and help the client preconceive security.

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Serving customers since 1995, Synergy IT is a customer-oriented corporation based in Toronto, ON. We pride in going extra mile for our clients to help them on time. Our goal is customer satisfaction. We achieve that by providing immediate response to any customer inquiry, providing 2 to 4 hours guaranteed network support in case of emergencies, providing free telephone support for quick-fix, providing timely deliveries for customer orders. Our customers can count on us, since we have access to abundance resources to provide a timely solution to any of their IT problems.

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