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Moving Legacy Systems to the Cloud


A business would never want to lose precious data about customers. Especially when contained in a legacy system. And commence operations using a cloud system on a clean slate. We must capture this valuable chunk of data. And then shift or plan to move onto the cloud system. Before starting ... Read More
November 2, 2020Synergy IT Solutions
Challenging Cloud Migration Myths


The leading tech research firm Gartner has predicted cloud computing revenues could touch USD 266 billion for the year ending 2020. Spends on Cloud computing could outrun overall IT spends by 6 from 2015 to the end of this year as per a Forbes statement. These figures prove that the ... Read More
October 28, 2020Synergy IT Solutions


More and more people are switching to office 365 and consolidate and streamline their Business. Office 356 is one of the best cloud-based platform which fulfills your business needs A to Z.  Office 365 is the integrated, best-in-class productivity tool for SMBs.   Built for Teamwork Co-author like ... Read More
October 17, 2016Synergy IT Solutions


Microsoft announced that it's Cloud computing data centres in UK are now operational. The data centre facilities are located in London, Durham and Cardiff.  This is a major operational initiative after similar data centres being made operation in Canada. This initiate will ensure that Azure and Office 365 now generally available ... Read More
September 8, 2016Synergy IT Solutions
Cloud Computing


It’s no secret that businesses of all shapes and sizes are constantly looking for ways to save money and increase their profit margins while still maintaining their customer service standards. In many cases these days, one of the biggest draws on the company budget is computing hardware and software. That’s ... Read More
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