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We have certified and skilled professionals to install, maintain, and upgrade Cisco tools.


Cisco Systems Inc is a renowned name in the technology domain and its networking hardware, telecommunication devices and other tools are being used globally. It is a trusted company that currently brings sophisticated products and services pertaining to domain security, Internet of Things and energy management. To imbibe Cisco’s offerings in their IT infrastructure seamlessly, business often look for support by professionals who are well-versed in its technologies.

At Synergy IT we love to keep up with the developments in the different segments of the IT world and Cisco is a key brand whose products and services we have expertise in. As a reseller and third party maintenance provider, we have been helping our clients capitalize upon Cisco based networks and configurations for more than a decade. We have certified and skilled professionals to install, maintain, and upgrade Cisco tools. Synergy IT’sexperienced team also helps you with on-site and remote troubleshooting for these devices.

We can help you make significant savings on the fee that you pay on SMARTnet subscription contracts.

Cisco Support Expert



Even with user manuals, it can be tricky to correctly deploy and configure the routers, switches, wireless access points and other components of your Cisco based IT infrastructure. That’s where Synergy IT helps. With our Cisco certified engineers and technicians working for you, there will be no scope for errors and you are assured of the complete set-up in promised timelines. We can also add more devices later when you are scaling up your workplace network.


Our support for Cisco tools involves their upkeep and upgrades. We will ensure that your teams are working with the right devices and newest versions. Synergy IT has a policy of proactively replacing any component or software that is outmoded before it causes any problems in your processes. With our preventive and predictive maintenance packages, you will always have your Cisco products working seamlessly for your organization.


In addition to on-site services, our technicians also provide remote support for your Cisco servers and networks. This is a good option for businesses that already have an in-house IT team and need occasional help on products and services that call for more expertise and specialization in Cisco technologies. Synergy IT will become an extension of your team and will guide them through all steps to perform a task.

Optimized Cisco Networking Solutions by Synergy IT
Benefits of Synergy IT’s Cisco Support

If you need any other help on Cisco tech devices, you can always opt for customized support. We stand by our service level agreements and give you the exact solution as per your business requirements and preferences.

We can be your single point of contact for complete Cisco technical support and take accountability for resolution of all issues no matter where they originate on your network.

The top benefits of Synergy IT’s Cisco Support are:

  • Round The Clock Tech Support
  • Fail-Safe Security
  • Deep Solution Expertise
  • Cost –Savings
  • Synchronization With Technology Evolutions
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