Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Get more leads, enable more conversions,and optimize your customer services

(CRM) Customer Relationship Management

Increasing profitability and great customer experience are the two main goals for businesses that want to continually lead in their domains. A customer-centric enterprise not only achieves loyalty of its clients but also has strong chances of winning more customers through word-of-mouth appreciation and strong references.

And in an age where customers expect response to their queries and complaints in seconds,improving customer relation management with digital technology is even more critical. Digitally optimized human interactions have become necessary to satisfy the denizens of a connected world.

Synergy IT helps you restructure your relationships with customers with an omnichannel approach. Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions have been planned to improve interactions with clients across all platforms and at every touchpoint.

With our CRM Solutions, we also help you make more informed and rewarding decisions. These are based on your real-time data extracted from sales & marketing, direct service delivery to customers, and contact centre processes. The aim is to create enriching customer experiences that eventually lead to your top line growth.

We leverage techniques such as predictive modelling and gather actionable insights through data mining and forecasting to put your customers at the heart of your operations.

Synergy IT CRM Implementation
Custom CRM Dashboard by Synergy IT
Synergy IT as Avaya Business Phone Support Solution Provider

Synergy IT as a leading IT solution provider in Canada is an IP Business Phone Solution provider having years of experience in installing and supporting IP Phones including Avaya IP Office Phone Systems. Call us now if you have a requirement for a new business telephone system or want additional channels on your existing phone system or looking for Avaya phone support. We are known to embrace the latest technologies and therefore our technical support team is well versed with setting up of Avaya Business Phones.

Our Services Include :
  • Avaya Phone Support Services
  • Avaya IP Office Support
  • Migration from Nortel to Avaya
  • Avaya Upgrade from Legacy Systems


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Improve the delivery of your service to gain more customer satisfaction

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