Optimize the integrity of your web based infrastructure with tailored cybersecurity solutions.


Your business cannot take the security of its tech assets lightly. It is important to have proactive measures against evolving threats and safeguard your work environment with the latest cybersecurity processes. With the avenues for attacks becoming more sophisticated, cyber security is not merely about firewalls and support of in-house IT admin team. You need a reliable IT partner to support your in-house associates and to provide hardened security processes that stay a step ahead of threats looming in the cyber space.

Synergy IT delivers customized solutions to address your most complex cybersecurity challenges. Our experience in IT and cybersecurity solutions spans more than 20 years. We have proven solutions to safeguard web based assets owned by enterprises and support them with complete cybersecurity cycle. Our offerings also involve consulting services to help your internal IT teams with risk management and compliance measures.

Zero Trust Security Implementation by Synergy IT
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The Cybersecurity Solutions by Synergy IT include:

  • Assessment and protection of your network and web platforms with security engineering, vulnerability evaluation and penetration testing.
  • Endpoint security with threat intelligence engine, granular controls, anti-ransomware and data breach prevention technologies.
  • Security compliance services to ensure adherence with federal and industry security standards.
  • Protection of your website, mobile apps, payment gateways and online accounts.
  • Cloud security solutions with multilayered protection.
  • Enabling and automation of processes vital for IT security risk management and compliance.
  • Continuous monitoring and management of digital systems against cyber and information security risks.
  • Streamlined mapping of digital assets, vulnerabilities, and controls to ensure seamless compliance

Synergy IT has the knowledge and resources to deploy a comprehensive plan of cyber security strategies. This is based on your business needs and the areas where your organization needs to improve its security.

We optimize your preparedness for cybersecurity so that you can keep achieving your business goals without worrying about risk management. As your managed IT services provider we prioritize the safety of your vital data assets. Your customers will always be assured that their information is safe while transacting with your organization.

Using advanced security assessment and penetration testing solutions we evaluate the baseline security position of your company. The analysis can highlight any security loopholes that need to be remediated immediately. Our team deploys best-of-the-breed measures necessary to eliminate these problems. This is followed by building of a security roadmap to help your organization improve its security status and mitigate the threats.

We can also train your employees through online modules and onsite workshops to help them counter the phishing attempts and scams that threaten the integrity of IT assets.

Synergy IT’s approach to cyber security has a strong focus on compliance, risk and governance. We help your business comply with international best practices and maintain a rich compliance culture.

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