Data Security Services Provided By Synergy IT

Synergy IT specializes in Data Security Services and we offer total protection of your sensitive business data from outsiders and hackers.

An Overview Of What Is Data Security

Data security refers to the security of an organization’s sensitive digital information from any kind of unauthorized breach, theft, or outside access. Various tools, as well as technological methods are used to protect the organization’s data and strengthen data security. Unauthorized users are restricted from gaining access to the database. Other methods like encryption of data are used to ensure it is in a safe place. Monitoring how the data is being used and dodging cyberattacks among other things comprises the process of Data Security.

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Benefit From Our Experience in Data Security

As one of the leading IT Software and Data Security services provider in the region, Synergy IT has an abundance of experience in providing Data Security solutions to several enterprises over the years. Our employees are well-trained professionals and know full well how to leverage the latest modern tools and technology to make sure your organization gets the best possible digital security solutions. You can fully rely on experience and expertize.

Our Data Security and Privacy Solutions

We offer very cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Our specialists are proactive in dealing with all kinds of threats to client’s data on any platform whether it’s for AWS, GCP or Azure data security services. We work with a plan strategized according to your needs. We assess your database, applications and implement the security measures that are necessary. Some of our security measures include data backup, password protection, data encryption, and access management.

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You Can Trust Us As Your Security Partner

We fully understand that data is the focal point of any organization, and it is of utmost importance that you are satisfied that all the information of your company and customers is held securely. Breach or loss of data can have long-lasting effects on your organization’s reputation and can hit your professional credibility, and that is so We practice full care in ensuring the protection of your privacy and integrity while we work with it. With us, you can rest assured your data is in safe hands.

24X7 Data Security Monitoring

Synergy IT analysts use the latest data security software & tools to monitor the security of your data uninterruptedly and continuously and make sure to detect any threats instantly and react with security alerts. Our services are accessible nationwide across most of the major regions of Canada including the Greater Toronto Area, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Surrey, and Quebec City.

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