Dell Appassure Support

Dell Appassure Support

Dell AppAssure is a leader in backup and disaster recovery solutions and Synergy IT has implemented Multiple Appassure solutions for clients across Canada. AppAssure provides backup and data recovery for physical, virtual machines, and cloud environments. It supports both VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V environments, as well as Windows desktops, and Microsoft’s Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server products.

Why Reliable Backup Services:

As we move further into the age of high availability, we must adapt our business practices to this ever-changing demand. Data Protection and Backup solutions have become one of the most important aspects of Managing your IT Infrastructure. Our Data Structure is getting more and more complicated so traditional methods of backup are not reliable and feasible these days. But there’s a better way: New techniques, new technologies, and new solutions exist not only to make data protection easier, faster, and more reliable but also to better integrate the independent tasks of physical and virtual machine protection.

Why Dell Appassure is a better choice for Backup and Replication

Dell AppAssure integrates backup, replication and recovery, giving you complete, unified data protection across virtual, physical and cloud.

Dell AppAssure 5 provides a simple “set-it and forget-it” replication process that keeps your snapshots up-to-date in multiple locations. With just a few simple configuration steps, you can be assured that Dell AppAssure will keep your data safe in case of hardware failure or system corruption. The only requirement to setup AppAssure replication is a secondary Core, which can be located in a local data center, a remote Disaster Recovery Site (DRS), or even in the cloud.

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