Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enable Innovation and Boost Productivity with better Resource Planning

(ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning

In a hyper competitive market, it is becoming increasingly important to optimize the productivity of your limited resources while optimizing costs and keeping customers happy. Businesses have to use strong Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)solutions to continually improve their operations, bring standardization and add more efficiency in their processes.

We know that the new breed of SaaS based ERP application enable organizations to run their operational processes effectively while also providing a good user experience. The real challenge however is the implementation and maintenance of these systems and that’s where we help organizations.

Synergy IT delivers mission-critical ERP solution deployment and maintenance services to its clients in an array of industries including retail, manufacturing, travel & hospitality, finance and not-for-profit segments.

We provide high quality customized IT solutions for ERP. Our associates bring technology and business innovation for clients by leveraging academic and market research findings and industry best practices. We have supported complex enterprise structures for long term results by deploying intelligent, low-risk practices for system support, upkeep and improvement.

The ERP systems configured by us will securely collect useful data from the activities of your business divisions and make it available to other processes that need to productively utilize such information. The inputs on the ERP system can be added in real time by users.

Synergy IT Solutions - Leading Provider of ERP Solutions

Like any other IT solution, the initial implementation of an ERP solution calls for the right design that can work for the business and be well integrated with other systems to become a full-fledged end-to-end solution. While facilitating this deployment we also test the system and ensure that your business can enjoy its benefits as early as possible.

The ERP team at Synergy IT comprises skilled and highly motivated personnel experienced in Microsoft technologies and they have provided value-rich solutions to the domains that we serve. Having developed large and complex ERP software solutions in outsource delivery frameworks, they know how to bring continual improvements and innovation in resource planning for businesses.

We will help you to manage and integrate the critical constituents of your business processes including strategy design, purchases, inventory management, sales, marketing, finance and HR management with the right IT tools.

In addition to deployment and management of ERP systems, our services also include regular upgrades, migrations, security control for their comprehensive maintenance.
Synergy IT has enabled ERP rollouts for a number of prestigious companies in Canada. We have helped them develop mature business processes so that they can close their communication gaps and lead all their operations into the common direction of meeting their organization’s goals.

With our seamless ERP solutions, you can connect your production, logistics, sales, marketing and finance functions while eliminating duplicate or incompatible technologies that cost you more than the returns they bring.

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