Google Cloud Migration Service

Synergy IT helps you migrate to the Google Cloud.


Synergy IT helps you migrate to the Google Cloud – a platform that is known to improve process performance, bring in flexibility in storage, and offer the benefits of seamless scaling as per changing requirements. Our experienced team has facilitated several Google Cloud migrations and we can also train your employees to use the sophisticated features of this cloud computing service.

Synergy IT Solutions - Leading Google Cloud Migration Services


Affordable Pricing Plans Availability

Google Cloud Hosting Plans are more economical than other platforms. It has better pricing options for small and medium sized companies. A chief benefit is also that the user is not bounded by any particular subscription and can switch to an alternative plan if their needs change.

Superior Execution

Google has enhanced the performance of its Google Cloud Hosting service for enterprises. Your employees can access the data they need for operations from any location. Google’s large infrastructure enables the execution of complex operations seamlessly through the network.

Benefit of Live Migration

Another benefit of Google Cloud Hosting is live migration which is not available with AWS and Microsoft Azure. With a large network, Google Cloud Hosting enables users to easily migrate their new devices to cloud.

Privatized Network

Privatization of network is a key strength of Google Cloud Hosting service. It implies that Google offers its own network to every user giving them strong control and scalability over their business network.

Control and Security

Google employs a high number of security professionals who are at work round the clock to protect the data on its servers. All your information on this cloud platform is always encrypted.

Redundant Backups

your data – if any of your data components fail to work, rest assured that Google has a copy of original and you have not lost anything. There is always a high degree of trust, data integrity, durability with this cloud solution.

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