Reimagine the blade server as a business transformer

HP BladeSystem c7000 Platinum enclosure and HP ProLiant BL460c Gen9 servers powered by the Intel® Xeon® processor

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As businesses seek to scale and pursue growth opportunities, their need for faster IT service delivery increases. In order to meet those demands, IT must be able to increase performance and deploy and utilize resources quickly, without adding cost and complexity. They need an approach that enhances their infrastructure performance while reducing complexity.


The speed at which IT can deliver services is contingent on the speed at which they can scale their infrastructure. They need to be able to quickly deploy servers and provision compute resources as business requirements and application workloads demand. In large-scale environments, they need to improve IT efficiency through simplified management and streamlined processes. They need faster workload recovery and reassignment, and lower unplanned downtime through self-monitoring and diagnosis. Additionally, to avoid creating additional complexity as they scale, they need to lower overall costs, saving money on server hardware, facilities footprint, and hosting costs. IT requires a simple, agile system that is well integrated in order to truly deliver on the needs of the business.

Your potential Challenges
  • Inefficient data centers are siloed and out of date
  • Business performance is suboptimal
  • Length of time it takes to deliver new products and services, and introduce changes to production/IT operations
HP BladeSystems

Designed for your core business workloads and built for the datacenter, HP BladeSystem delivers the ultimate compute experience optimized for virtualization, cloud, and core business applications with the Power of One—one management and one infrastructure. Only the Power of One delivers leading infrastructure convergence, availability with federation, and agility through data center automation to reduce the cost of service up to 43%1 so you can shift investment from routine maintenance to innovation and decrease time to service by up to 66X3 faster to enable better business outcomes.
HP BladeSystem is built on the principles of the compute approach of software defined/cloud ready, workload optimized and converged. It enables the entire IT infrastructure to become a services-oriented business differentiator that can drive business transformation effectively in the New Style of IT.

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