HP Networking Switches

Synergy IT is an Authorized re-seller of HP Servers and other Networking parts. Contact us for special discounts and volume discount orders.

HP Gigabit and Fast Ethernet Switches - Buy at best price

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HP Gigabit and Fast Ethernet Switches - Buy at best price

Synergy IT is an HP Authorized re-seller in Canada. We offer highly discounted pricing on HP Server Parts in Canada including HP switch, Switch Chassis, Switch fabric Module, Thernet Switch, KVM Switch box and more.

HP offers a wide range of networking switches for all types of businesses ranging from entry level switches to Enterprise level multi performance switches. The switches are broadly categorized including the following categories:

  • Data Centres
  • Campus LAN Core/Distribution
  • Campus/Branch LAN Access
  • Small Business

HP Switches for Small Business

HP Switches for Data Center

  • 12500 Switch Series
  • 5700 Switch Series
  • 5800 Switch Series
  • 5820 Switch Series
  • 5830 Switch Series
  • 5900 Switch Series
  • 5920 Switch Series
  • 5930 Switch Series
  • 6120G/XG Blade Switch
  • 6120XG Blade Switch
  • HP 6125 Ethernet Blade Switch Series

Campus LAN Core/Distribution

  • 10500 Switch Series
  • 5400 zl Switch Series
  • 5400R zl2 Switch Series
  • 6200 yl Switch Series
  • 7500 NetStream Monitoring Module
  • 7500 Switch Series
  • 8200 zl Switch Series

Campus/Branch LAN Access

  • 2530 Switch Series
  • 2615 Switch Series
  • 2620 Switch Series
  • 2910 Switch Series
  • 2915 Switch Series
  • 2920 Switch Series
  • 3100 EI Switch Series
  • 3100 SI Switch Series
  • 3500 Switch Series
  • 3600 EI Switch Series
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