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The HP Servers Family
Synergy IT has been Serving the Greater Toronto area since 1995 and your Trusted HP Sales and Support Partner for Servers.

Hewlett-Packard offers the broadest server portfolio in the industry. From its best-selling ProLiant servers and HP BladeSystem to its large-scale Integrity superdome enterprise platform and fault tolerant Integrity nonstop systems, HP has the right server to fit your requirements. Each of these server platforms delivers the stability, efficiency and agility necessary to handle the multitude of computing demands in today’s complex IT and data center environments. The HP server portfolio offers key building blocks for your converged infrastructure and provides key competitive differentiators.

  • Standards-based systems and services simplify IT environments and give greater control over costs
  • Simplified, integrated management solutions spanning heterogeneous IT infrastructures
  • Virtualization solutions that support automated pooling and sharing of IT resources to optimize utilization
  • Real time solutions that provide a single, up-to-the-second view of information
  • Innovative power and cooling solutions help cut energy costs
The HP Server lineup delivers standards-based technologies that can scale throughout the enterprise.

HP ProLiant Servers deliver superior price: performance and proven reliability for business applications, databases, high-performance compute nodes, and front-end applications in data centers of all sizes. HP ProLiant servers are based on Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron processors, and run Windows and Linux operating systems. HP offers end-to-end virtualization solutions that comprehend industry-leading virtualization environments such as VMware and Windows Hyper-V, tested, certified, and supported on our leading ProLiant platforms. With the introduction of HP Moonshot, HP Apollo and ProLiant Gen8 technology, the ProLiant server family now provides higher density, scalable systems with greater energy efficiency.

HP BladeSystem is an evolution of traditional data center architectures a converged infrastructure in a box. It consolidates the essential elements of the modern data center power, cooling, connectivity, redundancy, security, compute and storage into a modular, out-of-the-box platform that can accelerate the integration and optimization of your organization. HP BladeSystem allows the flexibility to mix and match components in the same enclosure ProLiant, Integrity and nonstop Integrity server blades as well as HP networking, HP storage blades and workstation blades. This combination provides our customers with the ability to build an infrastructure that is right for any business environment.

HP Integrity Servers deliver flexible capacity, secured availability, simplified management, and a better return on IT investment for complex mixed workloads. These servers help businesses bring high-value projects online quickly, meet service levels, consolidate operations and simplify processes. Based on the Intel Itanium processor, HP Integrity servers are the premier choice for the most demanding workloads and applications.

HP Integrity Nonstop Servers meet the need for 24×7 continuous computing, real-time transaction processing and large dynamic databases. Based on the Intel Itanium processor, these servers offer fail-safe data integrity and massive scalability. When user server levels are paramount, rely on HP integrity nonstop servers for critical enterprise applications.

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