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The Hewlett-Packard tradition of continuous innovation, as exemplified in the market-leading ProLiant server family, is founded on the challenges customers, like you, face in today’s changing business environment. In today’s data center, server consolidation and cost reduction are top-of-mind concerns. With tough economic conditions and rising IT operations costs, the status quo will not do. You needs to work aggressively to stop server and storage sprawl, reduce energy expenditures, and make better use of valuable floor space—while responding faster to changing business requirements.


HP offers a complete portfolio of standards-based integrated solutions and services developed specifically to solve the complexities of data centers. Offered as common building blocks for a converged infrastructure, HP servers set the standard in ease of management, energy efficiency, and better return on investment (ROI).

HP ProLiant Servers

The HP ProLiant server portfolio offers key building blocks for your converged infrastructure. With over 25 million servers shipped, ProLiant servers are the world’s most trusted industry-standard server. Based on industry standards and engineering excellence, ProLiant technology delivers intelligent innovation, proven performance and demonstrated value for scalable computing. Offering the widest choice of x86 servers that deliver leading price/performance and proven reliability for business environments ranging from small-medium business to the enterprise, running file/print servers to enterprise resource planning (ERP) and critical resource management (CRM) applications to high-performance compute nodes and cloud computing. ProLiant servers offer outstanding agility and increased investment protection.
HP has combined experience, customer feedback and innovation along with its customer-centric programs to design the ProLiant server family. Recognizing that one server cannot effectively and economically meet all requirements, HP offers a comprehensive family of servers that aligns with your unique environment today, but will grow as business needs change. The HP ProLiant server portfolio includes the following server series.

  • HP ProLiant 100 series—Affordable, entry-level rack and tower servers ideal for small to medium businesses, workgroups, remote sites and high-performance computing environments
  • HP ProLiant 300 series—Midrange rack and tower servers with increased expansion to support virtualization, e-mail and database applications
  • HP ProLiant 500 series—High-end rack and tower servers help companies run compute-intensive and mission-critical applications requiring advanced high availability features
  • HP ProLiant 900 series—Highly-scalable rack server ideal for enterprise-class database, consolidation, and virtualization environments requiring high availability features and enhanced performance.
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