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It is common for enterprises to experience operational downtimes due to IT issues at their work centres. Sudden cyber attacks and malware on ineffectively protected devices also disrupt business activities. In the wake of such incidents, it is important for organizations to have a reliable IT support backed by a comprehensive approach towards troubleshooting and the upkeep of tech tools.

Synergy IT has more than two decades of experience in delivering high end technology helpdesk solutions. We have strategically deployed our IT Helpdesk Services in tune with industry best practices to support an array of verticals.

Our clients range from small companies employing less than hundred people to large scale organizations with thousands of workers at multiple locations. What’s common between them is a desire to partner with a trustworthy IT partner that can help them reap maximum gains from technology investments.

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Offered By Synergy IT

Technical Support

Our tech support experts become a single point of contact for any and all of hardware / software / server / network issues. Assisting your network administrators preventive maintenance of these systems, they ensure that your IT tools are protected against breakdowns and downtime. They diagnose problems even before they occur and isolate them from your systems. The team also offers step-by-step troubleshooting guidance if required on phone and handles escalation management. With our technical support you are entitled to multivendor support for a variety of software and applications.

On-Site Support

Your organization can opt for dedicated IT support technicians to ensure extensive maintenance service at your business premises. This helpdesk package brings all-inclusive solutions against hardware and software problems with a documented service level agreement (SLA). With a team of on-site engineers for tech support, you are assured of technical proficiency at your workplace and can have IT systems optimally performing up to your expectations.

Remote Support

Synergy IT also offers remote tech support for the companies that seek convenient and quick solutions to fix faulty or underperforming systems. With your permission, our trained technicians can remotely connect to your computers or network to troubleshoot issues, remove threats, upgrade applications and provide a variety of other solutions. We establish secure and encrypted connections with your systems to perform the required tasks in a protected environment. And all our technicians sign a non disclosure agreement (NDA) so that you are assured on the security of your data.

Expert IT Helpdesk Support in Action by Synergy IT

With our cost-effective helpdesk services, you get –

  • Round The Clock Technology Support From Skilled And Experienced Engineers.
  • Single Point Of Contact To Troubleshoot Any Tech Interruption.
  • Access To Latest Versions Of Software And Apps.
  • Strong Security Measures Against Cyber Threats.
  • Multiplatform IT Support – Telephonic, Web Based, On-Site And Remote.
  • Scalability Of Service As Per Your Changing Business Needs.
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