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Synergy IT Solutions Inc. carries a portfolio of over 40,000 IT related products. Synergy IT is an authorized reseller for major hardware brands like IBM, HP-Compaq, Toshiba, APC, Lexmark, Proxima, Cisco, 3COM etc.

We offer a comprehensive package of services to help our customers design and implement new technologies, including training of their employees, and to assist in achieving optimal performance of their systems. Through our systems integration practice, we are able to deliver customized solutions that bind together offerings from key independent IT vendors and integrate these with the Enterprise-wide and Internet ready systems. Synergy IT provides both warranty and post warranty repair support for hardware at their fully equipped service center.

Synergy IT Solutions also specialize in customizable IT Solutions for Small and Medium businesses. We carry a great range of IT products some of which are as follows:

HP Servers,
IBM servers,
Dell servers,
Entery level servers,
Blade servers,
Desktop Computers,
Terminal Thin clients,
Barebone Systems,
Tablet PCs,
Thermal and Label Printers,
Inkjet and Laser Jet Printers,
Dot Matrix Printers,
Large Format Printers,
Line Matrix Printers,
Dye Sublimation Printers,
Monitors Projectors,
Touchscreen Monitors,
Document Cameras,
RAM Modules,
Memory Cards,
Graphic Cards,
Computer Add-ons,
ROM Modules,
Video Processing/Capturing Modules,
Smart Cards,
Memory Expansion Boards,
TV Tuners, Video Cards,
Memory, Sound Cards,
Cache Memory,
Storage Components,
Hard Drives,
Tape Media,
CD/DVD Media,
Flash Drives,
Tape Autoloader/Libraries,
Tape Drives,
Hard Drive Arrays,
USB/Firewire Adapters,
SCSI/RAID Controllers,
Serial/Parallel Adapters,
NAS Hard Drives,
CD/DVD Combo Drives,

Multiport Serial Adapters,
Host Bus Adapters,
FlashCard Readers,
SAN Switches,
SAN Devices,
NAS Servers,
NAS Devices,
Solid State Drives,
Serial/Ultra ATA Controllers,
CD/DVD Duplicators,
Magneto Optical Media,
Floppy/Zip Media,
Floppy/Zip Drives,
REV Drives I/O,
Storage Controllers,
Storage Media Smart Card Readers CD Drives,
REV Media, SAN Routers,
Flash Devices, SAN Bridges,
UDO Media,
Management Adapters,
Network Storage Adapters,
Storage Adapters,
Software Licensing,
Software, Operating Systems,
Software Suite, Modules,
Network Security & Firewalls,
Switches & Bridges,
Routers & Gateways,
Network Communication,
KVM Switchboxes,
Terminal, Device Servers,
Wireless Access Points/Bridges,
Transceivers/Media Converters,
Wireless NICs,
Network Interface Cards,
Print Servers,
VGA Switchboxes,
Wireless Routers,
Analog Modems,
KVM Consoles/Extenders,
Wireless Devices,
Rackmount LCDs,
Communication/RAS/Fax Servers,
Wireless Print Servers,
Video Consoles/Extenders,
Powerline Network Adapters,
Radio Modems,
Remote Access Servers,
Wireless Converters,
Hubs, Repeaters,

Server Load Balancers,
Wireless Modules,
Rackmount Modems,
Chassis, Components,
Cable Modems,
xDSL Modems,
Serial/Parallel Switchboxes,
Pointing Devices,
Graphic Cards,
Keyboards, Keypads,
Surveillance/Network Cameras,
Multimedia Speakers,
Radio Transmitters/Receivers,
Digital Still Cameras,
Digital Audio Players,
Video Processing/Capturing Modules,
Digital Frames,
Pointing Device Kits,
Graphics Tablets,
Digital Multimedia Devices,
PDAs, Microphones,
Audio Electronics, ‘
TV Tuners,
Network Media Players,
Pen Scanners,
Video Cards,
Gaming Consoles,
Portable Navigators,
Component Speakers,
A/V Receivers & Amplifiers,
Sound Cards,
LCD Screens,
Signature Pads,
Digital Writing Systems and more.

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