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In today’s world, there are numerous IT problems being faced by the companies. There are multiple challenges that include Capacity problems, performance issues, Application issues, Development issues, Deployment problems, training burdens etc. that companies have to face today. One needs a great vision, careful planning and knowledge of the latest technology to overcome and avoid these challenges. We are a company who has the expertise and the experience to help you to overcome these challenges that you face in your organization. We have the skills and training to identify what your business needs are, what technology you need and at what price. We offer complete range of IT solutions in Toronto, Mississauga and other cities that include latest IT technology implementations, IT networking, Network Support, IT outsourcing, technical support, hardware sales and software development. Our team is highly experienced and equipped to handle extreme situations. Our endeavor is to offer our client the very best in technical support and consulting services so they can enjoy the peace of mind. Any enterprise grows exponentially only when there is fluidity in its processing and coherence between its respective units. We understand the client’s need to phase his projects and create a streamlined way of offering solutions. Our Managed IT Services are built on this credible precept. Implementation on any project requires seamless integration of the channels in hand and an error-free process. Moreover, the client has to pave a system that supports assimilation of future commitments as well. Our Managed IT Services lead to that discipline.

Tending the basics

It is imperative that the client understands the exact potential that his differentials may ensure. We place him with the opportunities relevant to his working environment and suggest how to develop his scope. We create a fruitful connection between mainframe and open source so that development remains seminal. Our Managed IT Services first fine tune the connecting units. We integrate Fiber Optics and coaxial cables to ensure minimum loss of data. Telecommunication is given a new entity through VPN Network, PBAX Telephones and branched connections to the various streams. We suggest means of training professionals and handing them particular portfolio for timely completion of projects. The client invariably requires uninterrupted power and our Managed IT Services works on that end as well.

Security and Monitoring

This subset has numerous ramifications. At the base, we offer sound CCTV installations at strategic vantage points to monitor identity of people and vehicles in the client’s premises. The integral Data Room is eminently monitored. Inventories are duly kept and we venture to keep reality online asset check. Proper internal auditing is provided by our qualified team having enough expertise and experience. We offer to identify and seal any glitch in the Network Management and other technical errors. We proceed to set right discrepancies and organize the existing dynamics for optimized results. Our Managed IT Services keeps a sound note of even the corollaries like transportation, courier and filing.

Extending reach

In order to extend the client’s horizon, we venture to connect him with admirable global networks. He can derive ideas and systematization from their archives. We usher information on the revolutionary technological solution and how to incorporate them. We offer customized solutions at critical junctures of a client’s project. We connect and personalize with vendors to lessen tautness. Patch management is worked on and schemes are placed to ensure smooth data recovery in a crisis. Our Managed IT Services has helped many clients through the complicated maneuvers of platform migration or a sudden upgrade. We analyze the impending risks and notify when there is a snag in abiding by regulations. We give an insight on how to raise productivity and meeting deadlines through our Managed IT Services.

The effect of cloud computing

We give vital emphasis to cloud computing through our Managed IT Services. We have a network of primordial enterprises that offer effective storage capacity for data. This facility ensures storage of immense level of data with a third party; that can be accessed in future. We strive to divide the data into relevant segments to nullify any confusion for varied streams (e.g. The client’s legal branch won’t require Finance data). Security is ensured by placing an interpreter who allows only a branch head to accede data. This facility ensures connection with global networks and picking their relevant notes as well. This also helps in controlling costs per se. We offer ways to encrypt data and suggest areas to research to gain better understanding of new technological revelations.

The technical points

Application Management is the forte of our Managed IT Services. We understand that a projects gain a professional touch when the background is sound. Patent methods are followed to share Portfolios and Data Management. We offer systematized data analysis and segregate the essential data from the chaff. The mechanical areas like computer support, files and printers are kept in fine fettle. Our connecting fiber optic units have exemplary twists and slicing to ensure proper communication. We nullify the spread of malwares and virus to prevent data corruption. We secure a centralized system for the client to claim overall monitoring and responsibility. Our Managed IT Services also conduct an amenable help-desk for any chance complications. We offer ways to update the client with relevant technologies and how to further beef his infrastructure. We enlighten the client with prompt software that ought to improve his work dynamics. We also facilitate interaction with media on a tertiary level. Thus, in the final analysis, our Managed IT Services helps usher the client with redoubtable confidence in his work. By plugging the various scopes and ensuring smooth data transmission, we venture to offer the client with a space where he can moot a range of projects and fervently implement on them. Our only aim is to place that lasting smile on the client’s face!

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