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Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Services offered by Synergy IT Solutions

Why choose Synergy IT for Managed Disaster Recovery Services?

Synergy IT Solutions is dedicated to safeguarding its clients’ business assets and operations with professional Managed Disaster Recovery Services while providing them with seamless technology to solve problems. We have an experienced team of experts to ensure that your IT system infrastructure functions effectively and always has a way to recover successfully from unexpected disasters.

Natural or accidental disasters can happen at any time in the hectic and demanding modern-day business environment. Chances of a hardware malfunction, a data breach, or an unforeseen catastrophe occurring out of the blue can never be underestimated. The repercussions of such events could mostly be of epic proportions for your organization. Our Managed Disaster Recovery Services can help you minimize the potential damage from such instances.

Seamless and Integrated IT Solutions

To fulfill your company’s needs, Synergy IT offers a broad spectrum of services, whether network security and cloud management or our specialized Disaster Recovery and backup services. We provide solutions that adapt to meet all the increasing business demands amidst the lightning-fast technological advancements in today’s time.

Proactive Monitoring and Support

At Synergy IT, we stress on the approach of anticipating problems before they occur. With constant monitoring, data backups, and formulating an effective disaster recovery plan, we discover and fix issues with our proactive approach before they cause any harmful impact on your business.

Assessing Your Needs

We assess your business needs and objectives thoroughly and devise a strategy according to what your IT requirements are, in addition to keeping your budget allotment in consideration. Our Managed Disaster Recovery solutions are engineered to identify and emphasize on securing the most important digital assets of your company in the event of a disaster as a priority.

Maintaining Business Continuity

Safeguarding your sensitive data is critical for countless reasons. Not only does losing your data risk your business credibility, but you risk your business processes being halted for an unspecified period of time as a result. So to keep your company well-equipped to handle, and come out unhindered from any sort of disaster, an all-inclusive disaster recovery solution is an absolute necessity. Even if the downtime occurs, it won’t be long enough to cost you dearly. You will be able to get your operations back on track with minimum downtime, recover your data, and guarantee business continuity in the face of a crisis.

Round-the-Clock Monitoring and Support

Synergy IT experts keep an eye on the backup and restoration procedure to guarantee a smooth return of standard business operations. We are always on to the task of resolving your doubts regarding the implementation of Disaster Recovery solutions and related support services whenever you need them. We are committed to keeping your business operating uninterruptedly, and answering just as keenly to your queries without delay, regardless of whether there is a minor issue or a major catastrophe.

Key Benefits of Synergy IT's Managed Disaster Recovery Services

Risk evaluation & preparation

To find any potential vulnerabilities, we first undertake a thorough risk assessment. Accordingly, we create a disaster recovery plan for your company based on the results of this evaluation.

Rapid Recovery Process

In the wake of a disaster, our rapid recovery and replication practices make sure of speedy restoration of your systems, preventing downtime and enabling your company to carry on with all the necessary business processes.

Regular Data Backup

Automated backups carried out at regular intervals make sure that your data is kept safe and is easily accessible in case of an emergency or disaster. We use industry best practices for backup solutions to protect your most vital digital information.

Regular Testing & Validation

Our work does not end at simply developing a disaster recovery strategy; rather we also test and validate it regularly to make sure that our strategy is up-to-date and useful.

Which disaster recovery as a service right for you?
  • Managed DRaaS
  • Assisted DRaaS
  • Self-service DRaaS

Planning for disaster and getting the help you need is something every business needs to consider. Whatever option you choose, a disaster recovery plan is essential for business continuity, and organizations are increasingly turning to DRaaS.

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In our experience of working with clients over the last 25+ years, we know that deploying new technology may often seem challenging, and you might even feel you need to reset your whole infrastructure. Well, that is not the case with the implementation procedure of our Cybersecurity solutions. Our qualified technicians ensure the process is as smooth as possible when they expertly incorporate our managed firewall services into your IT infrastructure, causing little disturbance and providing the most enhanced security.

Constant Monitoring and Technical Support

Synergy IT Solutions group, based in Mississauga, is one of the Greater Toronto Area’s leading Managed IT Services Providers. We have been in the industry for over two decades and have served clients with top-level Managed IT Support in all major regions across Canada, which include cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, and Ottawa, to name but a few. Contact us anytime for a free quote and assessment of your IT security needs. Our experts are available round the clock to answer your queries.

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