Managed Firewall Services

The solution lies in outsourcing the deployment and maintenance of firewall management to IT security specialists.


In the view of complex data security threats that pose new problems for businesses, deployment of firewalls has become a strategic and extremely critical part of every company’s IT architecture. Firewalls play a critical role in stopping potentially harmful traffic from reaching the trusted parts of your network.

When you want a comprehensive security strategy, you may need different kinds of firewalls – Dedicated, Virtual and UTM – in various segments of your network. What’s difficult though is the management and monitoring of these systems. Consistently applying industry best practices for a range of firewalls is an onerous task.

Secure network protection with Synergy IT's Managed Firewall
Synergy IT's team monitoring network security

The solution lies in outsourcingthe deployment and maintenance of firewall management to IT security specialists.

As your dedicated managed security team, Synergy IT offers firewall solutions that are not just best-of-breed but also help you decrease your operating expenditure through years.

Synergy IT’s Managed Firewall Services have been tailored to suit your particular needs and help you deal with the challenges of connected devices. We manage firewalls for organizations of all sizes and our solutions are aligned to their business priorities and operating systems encompassing cloud environments.


Our services support an array of firewall platforms that include Checkpoint, Cisco, Fortinet and Juniper.

The prime features of our Managed Firewall services bring:

  • Choice Between And Combinations Of Dedicated, Virtual And UTM Firewalls
  • Bespoke Planning, Design And Configuring Of Required firewalls
  • Regular Vulnerability Scanning, Patch Management And Hot Fixing Of The firewall Systems
  • Round The Clock Monitoring Of Client Facilities Along With Security Event And Device Health Monitoring
  • High Availability And Load Balancing AttributesRoutine And Emergency Policy Revisions Within Pre-Defined Time Frame
  • Extended Log Archival Capabilities To Support Regulatory Compliance
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