Managed IT Service Features and Benefits

Synergy IT delivers best practices monitoring and management of all your IT assets with the use of hundreds of Policy Modules. Policy Modules are sets of monitoring and alerting rules, developed in partnership with leading vendors like Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Symantec and others. Policy Modules help ensure that everything in your IT environment is being effectively monitored and alerted on, and puts performance-related data at our fingertips. Detailed, accurate data also helps expedite diagnostics and resolution when IT issues do occur.

Our Managed IT Service Program is a robust and complete network monitoring solution that allows us to monitor and manage your IT infrastructure in a secure and customized environment. Our Managed Service program automatically discovers key metrics for network resources, such as hardware, operating systems, virtual infrastructure, databases, middleware, applications, and services. We use this information to easily and quickly pinpoint and diagnose network issues. Check our the Benefits of Managed IT Services. Our Managed Service Solutions includes the following vital features:



What specific traffic is clogging your network? Is it the Exchange Server? Is someone streaming YouTube videos or music from iTunes? Our Managed Service program provides this level of granularity to ensure your network is functioning properly


Does your MGMT team know the websites your employees are surfing? How productive are they? We can report on these types of activities that will allow you to better manage your staff’s productivity


Monitor availability, CPU load, memory, disk space utilization, network interface traffic, network latency, and packet loss. Perform advanced monitoring of running services, process availability, and performance counters for MS Exchange, SQL, and Active Directory


The challenge with most break-fix services today is they have no view of what is truly going on within your network. Our “Go-Live” feature provides real-time monitoring and data collection that dramatically reduces the troubleshooting process

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