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We at Synergy IT Solutions have served multiple logistics companies over the last decade. We understand the primary requirement of our clients – they need their system to be seamlessly integrated and we offer upgraded solutions. It is our aim to galvanize and make smooth operations of shippers and transporters through our Logistics efficiency and software solutions.

Our Knowledge of the Transport Sector

We have gathered intrinsic knowledge of the transport sector and its operations and have accordingly striven for Custom Integration. Our gilt-edged team of well-informed professionals is efficient enough to ensure Patch Management, whenever and wherever required. We never shy away from engrafting relevant technologies to further our clients’ aspiration. We, Synergy IT Solutions, have painstakingly endeavored to understand the dynamics of the Logistics provision and over time, excelled in its nuances.

Our Amenability towards Software Solutions

We keep scouring the online domain for excellent features such as Microsoft Exchange Upgrade, and introducing them into a consistent flow of business solutions. We derive exceptional back-up through cloud computing, and facilitate transfer and sharing of data into various streams of our enterprise. Thus, we have effortlessly weaved a close-knit system, which helps us excel in our endeavors.

Our Security and Privacy Options

We lay extreme emphasis on the security and privacy of our clients, strengthening the aspect through a finely-welded network security system. We provide our clients with entry points into our system, so that they can assess, analyze, and solve their problems by themselves. We use strong encryption to ensure that none of their activities dissipate out of our system.

We have a Dedicated Site

We resort to dedicated web hosting so our clients can enjoy near zero downtime and quick navigation on our site. They can use that to enhance their productivity. We offer compact ‘Logistics’ solutions to enable you into utilizing time into other spheres. We help you assimilate a well-oiled and collaborated transport system with essential nodal points so that your operational costs get considerably toned down and you are able to meet stringent deadlines.

We Help Translate Plans into Implementation

We know that clients often find it hard to translate their acute plans into methodical implementation. Through fervent IT-support, a number of back-up units, improvised software solutions, and in-depth knowledge of Logistics, we make sure that the clients can offer exalted performances. We know and abide by the simple formula – ‘We grow when our clients grow in confidence’.

We Identify and help Handle Critical Projects

We lay stress on steady communication to help bridge gaps. Our team has the ability to sieve out critical operations from general ones. We thereby offer strategic ideas and means to implement them to facilitate critical projects. We are deft in thorough Business analysis and offer our clients a streamlined vision of what their operations may lead to. We have intuitive knowledge of trigger points, which can be utilized to Logistic perfection.

We Make Clients Feel Easy

Through fluid data transmission and ease of approach, we help make our clients feel easy. They know they can always approach us in times of crisis, and emerge out happily. We at Synergy IT Solutions are on a single-minded quest to make the Transport System efficient, seamless and free of glitches. To that, we extend our hand.

What we offer? Let us understand your needs, FIRST!
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Hardware Support
  • Asset Configuration
  • Network Traffic Analysis
  • Patch Management
  • Go Live Monitoring
  • Performance Baseline
  • Remote Support
  • Contact us for Fully Managed IT Services.
We Help Translate Plans into Implementation

Few of many projects delivered by Synergy Teams for distribution sector are:
Ransomware Attack – Recovery and Remediation Distribution
Office 365 – MS Teams VOIP Logistics
Custom Application -Multivendor Marketplace Distribution
AD Upgrade and Migration Distribution

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