Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server 2011

Windows MultiPoint Server is an amazing innovative software from Microsoft Technologies which allows a single computer supports multiple users at the same time, each working independently using their own monitor, keyboard and mouse and with a familiar Windows computing experience. In simple terms it is like sharing a desktop with other desktops without actually having the need to buy other desktops and only hardware requirement is Monitor, Mouse and keyboard. This type of solution is also known as “Shared Resource Computing.” This technology is a simple, cost-effective way for more students and teachers to gain access to the latest technology, improving learning and helping students prepare to compete in a global economy.

Using Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 has numerous benefits over traditional class computer environment. Some of the features are listed below:

Lower hardware costs

Energy cost reductions

Lower labor and IT skill requirements

Quieter operation

Excellent Class management

Contact Synergy IT qualified IT team to know more about Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 and how can it leverage your classroom learning experience.

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