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Synergy IT Solutions offers the professional skills and technical resources in the area of Networking Solutions to empower your business to communicate, compete and succeed in a rapidly changing world.


Enterprise Networks plays a key role in the consistent flow of data for any business. The connection between an organization and its customers, the exchange of information between employees and the entire stability of daily operations depend on a robust and secure network. Any issues with this system – its tardiness, unresponsive devices, data loss or other signs of inefficiency must be addressed in minimum time. Such incidents must not even occur repeatedly.

Synergy IT understands your business needs and protects the networks that you rely on. We offer network maintenance services for LAN, WAN, VPN and wireless networks. Our bespoke Network Support Solutions cover a range of businesses from start-ups to large multi-location global companies. We follow a proactive strategy on delivering IT network support for your business and ensure that your processes are always well-equipped for their current and future needs.



For the organizations that need full-fledged network support, we offer 24*7 services and resolve their network issues – small or big – before they begin to impact their business operations. Our team of network engineers provide comprehensive, on-site and remote support for LAN, WAN, wireless and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). They also take care of your VoIP applications and in managing your cloud based IT infrastructure.


We can reinforce the services that your in-house IT team provides for your operations. Our ad hoc tech support is for the organizations that already have a qualified team of network administrators but need help when more expertise or a larger squad is necessary. Synergy IT will send its network support associates to your site for any new installations, firewall support, software upgrades, troubleshooting, repairs and replacements that you suddenly need to sustain your business processes.


Synergy IT’s experienced tech professionals can also help your business by remotely monitoring the network to ensure that all tools are working efficiently. When network managers guard your processes, it guarantees safety against malware, hackers and other cyber threats. Our remote monitoring solutions ensure quick response to network events, giving you the peace-of-mind that you seek for the integrity and efficacy of your IT assets.


With technology evolving by the minute, it is becoming increasingly important to know what works best for your processes. Synergy IT gives you access to the latest iterations of tech tools that help you improve your sales, marketing, supply chain, finance, customer services and other operations. Our network consultants will address all your concerns for network upgrades, enhancements and maintenance. We provide 360 degree support to build and uphold an optimal and dynamic IT network for your business.


Our collective experience in information technology and digitalization enables us to deliver support in any form that you prefer. You can also opt for our Network Support Solutions on ala carte basis or choose a custom combination of different services.

The top benefits of Synergy IT’s Network Support are:

  • Anytime, Instant Tech Support
  • High Security Standards
  • Cost Savings
  • Business Continuity
  • Synchronization With Technology Evolutions
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