Penetration Testing Services

Synergy IT offers vulnerability assessment and penetrating testing solutions to help you detect any weakness in your IT infrastructure.

Penetration Testing Services

The connected devices on business networks today are vulnerable to numerous threats from hackers and malicious bots. They can be attacked for data theft or simply to sabotage the entire network. In an environment of such frightening possibilities, enterprises that want to keep their operations safe must take measures to test all applications against vulnerabilities.

Synergy IT offers vulnerability assessment and penetrating testing solutions to help you detect any weakness in your IT infrastructure and mend it before it exposes the networks to greater risks. As your managed IT services provider, we can also validate the configuration of your new apps and devices in tune with industry best practices.

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Importance of Penetration Testing Services

Professional penetration testing solutions are necessary to:

  • Validate internal and external security controls
  • Simulate common threats with manual tests
  • Test the vulnerability detection capabilities of your systems
  • Test the response to threats identified in tests

Our team has experienced attack researchers who use advanced penetration test tools to effectively identify the points of failure and the paths that are vulnerable to abuse. We will also give you the best remedies against these problems to ensure that your data and devices are always secure.

The Penetration Testing Services Provided By Synergy IT

Threat Simulation

To understand the gravity and impact of an attack, we imitate and actual threat by simulating the activities of hackers. We use mock tricks and destruction methods to detect the weak points in your network. We exploit mission-critical set ups and data with fake attacks.

Risk Confirmation

Our penetration testing engineers employ an array of techniques to try and break into the IT security controls of your enterprise. This is required to corroborate and evaluate the real world risks of hacking attempts. And if our experts can successfully breach the controls, they apply post-exploitation methods to check the threats that can let vertical and lateral spin through the network.

Security Controls Assessment

To assess the security strengths at a technical and program point, we gauge all controls, procedures and technologies and identify the points of failure. With this assessment we also test your policies, methodologies, infrastructure deployment and security measures from the perspective of an offensive.

Vulnerability Detection

To discover and categorize the weaknesses of your IT infrastructure, we look for all possible vulnerabilities, evaluate their severity and take then take the best steps to remediate them.

Why us?

Synergy IT’s penetration testing methodologies are tailored to uncover the different points of failure that lead to a security beach. Most importantly, after the testing, we don’t leave you with a long list of problems identified in your systems, we actually stand by you in fixing them and applying stronger security measures to the complete infrastructure. And we prepare your internal IT teams to handle crises and sudden disruptions more effectively.

We also give you the record of positive discoveries that demonstrate the strong points of your security control systems. You can use our custom scorecards to compare your business IT environment with industry best practices.

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