PrestaShop eCommerce Management & Support Services by Synergy IT

Synergy IT offers complete maintenance and support for your PrestaShop eCommerce platform with years of experience behind us in providing eCommerce solutions.

PrestaShop Overview

PrestaShop is an open source eCommerce platform which allows its users to start up or manage their web-stores. It is suitable for most businesses whether they’re large or small-scale, with a plethora of features for full online store management. Usually the qualities you’re looking for in an ideal eCommerce platform for your business would be that it’s secure, scalable, and easy to use, and PrestaShop is exactly that. It’s a perfect solution to endorse and expand your business.

PrestaShop eCommerce Support Services by Synergy IT
Overview of PrestaShop eCommerce Solutions by Synergy IT
You Can Rely On Us For Total PrestaShop Solutions

Being one of the leading IT managed solutions companies in the region, Synergy IT has abundant experience in the eCommerce sector and our clients past and present have never been unhappy, as a result we have built a great reputation over the years and you can put your trust in us and our certified PrestaShop development team to provide you the best eCommerce solutions possible for your PrestaShop platform.

Prestashop Upgrade and Integrations

Having the availability of lots of business integrations at your disposal for PrestaShop allows you to get your store turned into an efficient sales channel which would mean more chance of you being a top brand in the industry. We will be looking after this and will also be making sure that the procedure of online purchasing and ordering while shopping for your clients is as convenient as possible. You would also not have to worry about the PrestaShop upgrades. You can leave it upto us to manage the PrestaShop solutions on the whole and put your time focus on other important business tasks you need to do with full peace of mind. We will not give you a slight chance to complain in terms of anything related to your eCommerce store. That’s what we partner with you for, after all.

Customized PrestaShop Themes Development

To give your PrestaShop sites a touch of uniqueness, Synergy IT’s professional PrestaShop developer can do custom PrestaShop theme development. Your web-store would not only be attracting visitors for its content but also be garnering attention for its awesome design and theme which is very crucial for what kind of impression your visitors and potential customers get regarding your store. Most successful businesses today are where they are at least partially because of how they’ve marketed themselves. We will take full leverage of PrestaShop theme editor compatibility features to build a great theme design for you according to your needs. Other add-ons like PrestaShop modules and templates available at PrestaShop marketplace also might be used by us as and when necessary according to your requirements.

24x7 PrestaShop Support

For any queries you might have regarding your platform anytime even after our partnership contract, you can unhesitatingly contact us by calling at 866-966-8311 toll-free. Our experts are always available at your service to ensure smooth working of your eCommerce store. Synergy IT treats its clients like family and it’s our duty to solve your problems even in instances when your website is up and running but an odd glitch suddenly occurs. So just approach us freely. We are accessible all across Canada in most of the major cities and suburbs including Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vancouver and Quebec City to name some.

24/7 Dedicated IT Support
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