Custom Application Development

Business challenge

This was a not for profit organization who had a large number of business clients who would obtain services such as immigration matters, visa cases etc. They were maintaining paper based files for each and every client and it was difficult to update or locate them. Each file was getting bigger and the numbers of files were also increasing. The challenge was to find an efficient technical solution to manage client cases.

Project timeline – This project was completed in 2 months

Approach / methodology

Studied the business processes in the organization. Identified key players in the organization who can help to make a significant change in the way business was done. Key business processes/functions were studied to identify the business processes that can be automated.

Our Solution

Designed and developed a case management system using PHP programming language and Mysql database. Solution was tested by implementing a pilot. During the pilot implementation bugs and minor glitches were fixed.System was modified to accommodate the changes that the users requested. Once the system was performing the required business functions,two staff members were utilized to scan and upload the existing documents to the automated system.


With the new system the process of opening new cases, signing up new users, locating client information in chronological order and scheduling appointments became extremely fast compared to the paper based system and hence improved business efficiency.

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