Office 365 Migration from Google GSuite

Preszler Law Firm realized that the Google Gsuite no longer meet the organization’s email needs being users were heavily using other Microsoft Applications like MS Outlook, MS Teams and MS SharePoint etc. Preszler Law was looking for a solution which could seamlessly collaborate with other applications, fit best to their required workflows for their 300 plus users across Canada.

Business Challenge

The major challenge facing this migration was that each user was using several calendars individual ones as well as shared ones over several different groups through out the organization. Being Law industry it was utmost important to have this migration done seamless for users not to interrupt their court dates.


To address this concern, Synergy IT implemented BitTitan’s MigrationWiz”‘, which addressed the problem. MigrationWiz”‘ allowed Synergy IT to migrate those 300 users over to Office 365. Synergy IT 24X7 helpdesk supported the users in a timely manner during migration process if anyone required help


  • Improved User Experience: Office 365 provided a common user management system with integrated log-ons, giving users an easier way to access their data.
  • Enhanced Security: Office 365 Exchange Online top of the line security ensures that Preszler Law ‘s email is protected 24/7. Microsoft 365 Business Premium implemented with MS intune MDM is protecting Corporate data to be accessed from user personal devices.
  • Increased Data Integrity: Office 365’s redundant environment protected Preszler Law ‘s data from accidental or intentional loss.

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