Optimized Wireless Network

NEWL, Newell Worldwide Logistics is a global supply chain solutions company providing a variety of domestic and international service. NEWL assessed a couple of choices for another telephone framework for their clients and concluded that Microsoft Teams was the most ideal choice for their association.

Business Challenge

This was a manufacturing organization based in Toronto. They needed to use large number of wireless devices such as handheld scanners, wireless tablets, laptops etc. However, the existing wireless network was unstable and resulted in frequent disconnections. Application used for entering data through wireless devices was not usable. Data entry had to be done through wired connections resulting in reduced efficiency with less productivity.

Approach / Methodology

Our approach was to understand the environment through site inspection and perform a wireless site survey by measuring Wi-Fi and interference signal strengths in both frequency bands. We used the test results to find signal to noise ratio and draw the Wi-Fi heat maps to visualize the areas where there are high signal attenuation and dead spots for each frequency band. We were able to find multiple issues.

Our Solution

We used wireless networking tools to analyze the data and predict the optimal number of Wireless Access Points, best channels to use and the best location for each access point. We deployed a CISCO Wireless Controller based solution to provide the required Wi-Fi signal coverage. After deploying the Wireless Access Points in the predicted locations, we redid the site survey to validate the deployment.


  • Achieved excellent Wi-Fi signal coverage for the entire area where the wireless devices were deployed in both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands.
  • Increased wireless connectivity speed and improved efficiency.
  • Increased productivity due to seamless operation of wireless devices.

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