Ransomware Attack - Recovery and Remediation

One of the major Tile distributors approached Synergy IT as they had Ransomware attack collapsing their entire IT infrastructure across 3 locations and affecting 300 plus users. They were searching for a company who could take over from their inhouse IT at this time of need.

Business Challenge

Most challenging part of this project was client had only onsite backup with legacy tape backup system with no offsite backup at all.


Synergy IT responded to the Client within one hour. Tech team was assigned and applied four-pronged approach; Evaluate Environment, Secure Environment, Recover and Report.

Evaluate: As an Evaluation process, tech team determined ransomware variant & explored recovery options. Identified the attack vector

Secure: Ransom protection implemented while working on virus removal, patching vulnerabilities, and planning to rebuild the environment with necessary upgrades. All network traffic was put on monitoring immediately.

Recover: Recovered the data from legacy tapes. Infected servers were rebuilt, and data migrated after manual check for data integrity

Report: Synergy Team worked with Client insurance company and business stakeholders to make sure client could recover the financial damages from insurance claims.

All best security practices were implemented to secure the client infrastructure. An overall ITSM and CIS top 20 Cybersecurity framework was implemented.

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