Windows Server Upgrade and Migration Service

Migrate Windows 2003 Active Directory Domain to Windows 2012 Domain

Windows Server Upgrade Services Toronto

Business Challenge

This was an organization that owns a network of whole sale and retail stores building material stores across the Canada. Their main application was Prophet 21 that was accessed by 200 users from multiple locations using remote desktop.

Main Concerns

  1. Slow user experience when using prophet 21 ERP application via RDP
  2. Degraded SQL server performance
  3. Degraded RDP performance
  4. Obsolete Windows 2003 servers
  5. Obsolete Windows 2003 Active directory


  1. Upgrade Windows 2003 active directory domain to Windows 2012 domain
  2. Upgrade SQL 2005 server to SQL server 2012
  3. Upgrade the Windows 2003 terminal servers to Windows 2012 remote desktop servers
  4. Improve user experience when using the main ERP application via RDP
  5. Cost effectively replaces obsolete server hardware
  6. Improve backup and disaster recovery

Approach / Methodology

We gathered the server performance data from all the existing servers. We analyzed the data to identify bottlenecks. We studied the user experience with the ERP application.

Our Solution

In our solution we implemented a dedicated physical SQL server with SSD hard drives for enhance disk input/output speeds. With VMware virtualization nine servers were reduced to three physical servers. We successfully migrated the Windows 2003 active directory domain to Windows 2012 R2 active directory domain with virtualized domain controllers. New remote desktop server cluster with load balancing was created using VMware virtual machines. With the proposed solution we were able to achieve 200% performance improvement for the end user applications.

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