Unified Communication, Paging and Digital Signage

Thales Group is a multinational company that designs and builds electrical systems and provides services for the aerospace, defence, transportation and security markets.

Business Challenge

Thales Group Canada required a customized and fully integrated Paging System, Phone system, and Security system. They required a Wired and Wireless Phone system that would integrate it to the paging system in the office, production, and warehouse. The phone system also required door phones to authenticate use on entry and exit.

In addition, high quality background music, with audio to play music via the paging speakers to conduct town hall in the production, and warehouse area was requested. Thales Group also required digital signate throughout the office, production, and warehouse area to broadcast business announcements, news, and other business information like health & safety messages, and general education. The meeting rooms had to be integrated with unified systems.

Solutions Provided

Synergy IT provided the client a competitive phone solution with SIP desk phones and wireless DECT phones throughout the property. The phone system is connected to a TOA state of the art High quality paging and background music system via a SIP gateway. We provided Video door phone system that integrated to the phone system and the security system to monitor and manage entrances and exits to the property. A digital signage system from BrightSign is install on to share and manage content over the network for all the large format TV installed through out the property.

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