Virtual Desktops – Citrix VDI

NEWL, Newell Worldwide Logistics is a global supply chain solutions company providing a variety of domestic and international service. NEWL assessed a couple of choices for another telephone framework for their clients and concluded that Microsoft Teams was the most ideal choice for their association.

Business challenge

Difficulty in managing large number of desktop systems. Issues with PCs and applications running on them were affecting business efficiency.
Project timeline – This project was completed in 4 weeks months

Approach / methodology

Surveyed the available solutions for effectively managing the PC desktops. Cost constraints with each solution and the customer’s affordability were identified. Analyzed the long term cost savings/return on investment (ROI) by implementing a desktop management solution.

Our Solution

Designed a desktop virtualization solution using Citrix XenDesktop. With a Desktop virtualization infrastructure (VDI) all PC desktops, applications and user profiles could be streamed to the users physical PCs thus centralizing the management of desktops. Only few desktop PC images needed to be maintained on the centralized server to run on large number of PC desktops.


Less time spent on managing desktops. Improved business efficiency due to reduced interruption to users.

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