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Synergy IT Solutions Inc. provides professional Sage 300 ERP (Sage Accpac) solutions to business groups in Canada. We house a team of highly trained and professional Sage Accpac professionals who have helped organizations across Canada implement successful Sage Accpac solutions ready to meet your IT needs.

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Advanced AI and RPA Implementation by Synergy IT

Synergy IT Solutions recently implemented Sage Accpac for a large buying group. As the group was growing, they found that their existing software system was causing inefficiencies throughout their organization. They not only had limited access to vital information, but the system did not work well with their banking and custom software solutions. Overall, the product was not allowing them to obtain the results they needed. “We had a number of challenges with the software,” recalls their I.S. Manager. “From Crystal Reporting issues to integration challenges, we knew we needed to make a change.”

To make matters worse, the support that the group received from their software provider was lacking in many areas. According to their controller, “The service was so poor that even after we had invested a year into upgrading our check writing software we were forced to cancel the entire project due to continued failures on the part of our service provider. We wanted to have reliable support, and a software package that was always up and running.” The group ultimately decided that it was time to find a new software solution, and a company with superior service to support it.

The group began the search by talking to local software resellers and through online research. After an extensive process of elimination they found Sage Accpac ERP which then led them to Synergy IT Solutions Consulting Group. “While there were a couple of different solutions that would have provided us with the integration capabilities and tools we required, we ultimately chose Sage Accpac because of Synergy IT Solutions. The team at Synergy IT Solutions was so great and easy to work with that we chose the Accpac solution primarily because we wanted to work with Synergy IT Solutions. They are very approachable, and provided the expert level of service we desired.”

According the group’s IT manager. “The implementation went very smoothly, and the project came in on time and on budget. From a technical standpoint, it was a great installation. Synergy IT Solutions came in and worked very well with our network administrator. They didn’t come in and tell us what do to, but listened to our needs and then helped us configure the solution to work within our parameters.” The group’s financial analyst and project manager added, “The Synergy IT Solutions team were fantastic.

They were cooperative and in tune with our needs. The training was exceptional as they were able to recognize the different levels of each of our team members and train us accordingly.”

The group is now saving substantial time and expects to save even more in the future thanks to Synergy IT Solutions and Sage Accpac. They were able to convert from two servers on-site to a virtualized server. This eliminated the need for hardware maintenance and provided for easier recoverability should something ever go wrong. The group has also eliminated duplicate data entry thanks to the system integration. This benefit alone not only saves time, but reduces errors, building a solid foundation for the group to operate efficiently and cost effectively. Additionally, with their new processes and integrated financial reporting structure they expect to streamline their yearly external audit.

The group looks forward to continuing to learn more about their Accpac solution and relying on Synergy IT Solutions’s expertise to guide them. “It all comes down to the people at Synergy IT Solutions. They’re a very good team. The implementation was great, and the training was exceptional. We couldn’t be happier.”

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