Security Awareness Training Services Offered By Synergy IT

Synergy IT Solutions offers Security Awareness Training to prepare your staff successfully tackle any potential cyber threats to your organization.

Importance of IT Security Awareness

In this age, it has become extremely important for Organizations to heighten the security awareness among their staff because the employees of an organization are the primary target of cybercriminals to gather and misuse sensitive information by exploiting various loopholes like their email, remote IP address, or other credentials. Now that there are many advanced tools and software available to protect the computer systems, the cyber attackers look for new methods to breach the network and this has made business employees their soft target. As such the employees’ security awareness is more crucial than ever to negate the advances of cyber-criminals.

Our Cyber Security Awareness Education Services

Synergy IT provides cyber security awareness training to your employees, equipping them with the necessary knowledge as well as particular precautionary measures and strategies required to handle the security operations of your organization, which would greatly help in ensuring that your organization’s assets and data are protected against any kind of online breaches by cybercriminals.

Online Security Awareness Training Program

Our Employee Security Awareness Training Program is designed to make your staff members understand the significance of their role in the organization’s Information security and how their alertness can effectively contribute to safeguarding the business from cyber attacks. Synergy IT professionals specialize in creating this sense of awareness among your employees that they can play a key role in minimizing the risks associated with your business security by employing certain cybersecurity techniques.

Our Security Awareness Implementation Process

We help you build in your organization a culture of security awareness by employing a well-structured process that includes assessing the needs and level of security awareness required among your employees by identifying the knowledge gaps, which we check by conducting simulated phishing tests which help us determine the scope of your requirements in regards to security education essential for your staff. The next measure is to fill that knowledge gap by applying our learning techniques to train your employees and make them adapt to the requirements to deal with the new threats and training in dealing with suspicious emails or approaches.

Contact Us Anytime

Our services are tailored and customized for you focusing especially on what your needs are, and you can contact us anytime on any day post-implementation of Security Awareness Training Solutions in case you need our engagement in any issues later or want us to apply training methods for new employees. Synergy IT solutions are nationwide and accessible in most of the major regions of Canada including Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vancouver, and Quebec City among others.

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