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Every business wants to stay one step ahead of their competitors, be it in terms of sales, profits, employment, etc. However, in the bandwagon of earning profits and enhancing brand visibility, enterprises overlook the most crucial aspect. Network security! In the present scenario, as cyber-crimes are growing at a faster pace, keeping your business secure is a significant step. One of the best cyber-security solutions is securing your network.

Network Security and Your Business

There’s no business without internet in this tech-savvy world. Therefore, opting for network firewall security is an ultimate decision. But this can become puzzling as there are a plethora of service providers offering network security services. And choosing the right one is not a cakewalk.

Cybersecurity team monitoring network security
Next Generation Network Security Solutions

But we’re introducing to you SonicWall- enterprise-grade network security that works as a shield for business. You can install the hardware in your office premises and prevent your business from anonymous users. These service providers have been in the industry for an extended period as of now, boasting reliability. This next-generation firewall company offers top-notch security to your business, stopping ransomware. It performs various audits as soon as you install it, ranging from SSL traffic inspection to email security.

If you’re already a loyal customer of SonicWall, then you can upgrade your network firewall to the latest version, which is quite cost-effective. Either way is you can purchase an all-inclusive package that entails three-year subscription of the SonicWall Advanced Gateway Security Suite. This is one of the best-selling services that provide you with gateway anti-virus and anti-spyware, protecting your systems efficiently.

Sonicwall network security firewall

Benefits of Choosing SonicWall Network Security

Here are the top benefits of choosing SonicWall:

Around-the-clock protection from the latest daily threats
Secure mobile access with SSL VPN, regardless of the mobile operating system
An ICSA-certified company
Highly innovative

Most Recommended and Widely Used.

SonicWall serve different business verticals, regardless of their sizes, some of which are as follows:

TZ300 security firewall
TZ400 security firewall
Retail and hospitality
Distributed enterprise
Small to mid-size businesses
K12 and higher education
National Security
Financial services
Sonicwall network security firewall
Empowering Businesses with Advanced IT Services

SynergyIT Provides Support

SonicWall serve different business verticals, regardless of their sizes, some of which are as follows:

  • Sonicwall Support
  • Network Security Audits and Penetration Tests
  • Unlimited Help Desk support at a Fixed price
  • Infrastructure Setup and Maintenance
  • Managed IT Services
  • IT Outsourcing, Project Management and IT Staffing Services
  • Guaranteed 24×7 IT Support, for up to 5 years
  • Proactive Network, Server, and Device Monitoring
  • Proactive Security Monitoring
  • Regular Updates and Software Patches
  • Preferred Pricing on hardware and other IT Services

SonicWall Firewalls and Cyber-Security Solutions

SonicWall network security providers have become one of the leading brands across the globe. Over the years, they have served a substantial client and continuing to do so. This company recognized for its reliability and quality of services it offers as its products are equipped with better features. SonicWall network security as service has not only shielded business on a higher level like cloud security. But services like content filtering, email security, etc., have also gained immense popularity.
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