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Staffing Solutions

Technology is constantly evolving and it is only getting more complex month after month. It does not take long before tools that were relevant for a system become redundant. And even if technology does not directly concern your revenue generating business activities, it is a critical pillar supporting your daily operations. Hiring staff to keep your IT assets flawlessly functional and up to date can be complex.

Synergy IT helps you address this challenge too. In addition to delivery of technology support services we also specialize in the delivery of IT talent. We have an experienced team of recruiters to identify and choose the most skilled resources for your organization. With our tailored screening and sourcing process you can get the expert technology personnel that you seek for your enterprise.

Our IT staffing solutions have supported businesses across Canada and we have helped them hire skilled employees on contract, part time and full time basis. From help desk analysts and developers to engineers, project managers and also CTOs, our recruitment experts bring the best candidates to companies looking for technology pros.

With Synergy IT’s specially commissioned hiring program – Hiretech Service – you can optimize your recruitment efficiency and build great tech teams.

Working alongside your HR Team

We can be the extension of your HR department to understand your expectations including both technical and soft skill requirements for each profile. Our experienced hiring executives help them expand their search to a wider geographical area and delve deeper into the available pool of candidates. We keep them in loop throughout the recruitment process.

The Approach to Hiring

At Synergy IT, tech talent is searched from:

  • Internal Databases
  • References By Our Own, Experienced Tech Professionals
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • Best Of Job Portals In Canada

On identifying the most suitable candidates, we shortlist them on basis of skills, experience and special requirements of our clients. The interview process involves comprehensive written tests and face-to-face meeting. A thorough background check is also conducted as a part of the process. We select the cream of the crop for you.

And our support does not end with simply the placement of candidate in your organization. You can rope us in to regularly monitor the performance of these employees selected to ensure that you are getting the service levels expected.

HireTech by Synergy IT - Expert Technology Staffing Solutions

We are committed to understanding the unique needs of your organization and industry. Our staffing experts have supported the recruitment processes for diverse clientele comprising micro, small, medium and large sized enterprises. And the verticals that leverage our IT recruitment services include:

  • Not-For-Profit
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
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