Design is everything, it is the first thing that makes or breaks a good website or mobile app. A flawless PLAN results in a flawless DESIGN.
Planning of Aesthetic & Effective UI/UX Designs that require Minimal User Input

At Platina IT, we believe that people only ignore the design that was made ignoring their need and purpose of it. This is why our team’s first concern is to plan a UI/UX design that best serves the needs and wants of all users who will be interacting with it. Since users are often bored very easily and quickly, a good UI/UX design will require minimum tabs or clicks done by the users for them to reach what they’re looking for. A great UI/UX design, however, would find the right balance between getting the needed input from the user within the constraint of the project.

And this is what we develop at Platina IT, great UI/UX designs.

Innovative UI/UX Design Planning - Synergy IT

PlatinaIT's 3 Phases of UI/UX Strategy Design & Planning Process


During this phase, our team members learn as much as possible about the industry of the client and what the client’s business is doing exactly in that industry. We also research and analyze client’s competitors and clients as well.


In this phase, the team of developers plan the strategy about what the design is going to contain, how to fit each piece of the design with the rest of it, and how this design is supposed to work and performance of its different features.


This is the phase when project planners show the client the complete design plan to make sure it is in line with what the client needs and had in mind.

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