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Why Upgrade a Server?

Upgrade to Windows 2012 from Server 2003

An overwhelming 77% of SMBs run a version of Windows Server today – that’s approximately 22.5 million servers. More than half (57%) of that install base is Windows Server 2003, a ten year old server operating system. Additionally, mid-size businesses are seeking ways to increase their competitiveness.

If you’re running Windows Server 2003, you’re running 10 year old technology. Substantial improvements have been made in those 10 years that help businesses compete better in today’s marketplace. Upgrade to Windows Server 2012

My current solution works fine. Why should I want to upgrade?

Upgrading your aging servers and operating systems can reduce costs and provide significant benefits that can easily outweigh any cost of upgrading.
Outdated servers can be inefficient to run and more expensive to maintain. Upgrading to Windows Server 2012 allows you to modernize and standardize your IT infrastructure and consolidate servers. Results can include:

  • Reduced operational costs and increased efficiencies
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Ability to be cloud-ready
  • Increased business agility and ability to scale to accommodate business growth
  • Improved system availability
  • Ability to implement cost-effective backup and disaster recovery solutions

Can I migrate my current Windows Server 2003 environment to Windows Server 2012?

Yes. Microsoft provides several resources to help with application migration and planning.

Will my apps work on Windows Server 2012?

The majority of applications that run on Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 should work on Windows Server 2012 with no changes. (See table in Q3 above for resources to check compatibility.) Alternatively, you are licensed to continue to run virtual instances of Windows Server 2003 on Windows Server 2012, if desired.

Windows Server 2012 just launched. Shouldn’t I wait until the product has been out in the market for a while before I buy?

Windows Server 2012 has been tested extensively. In fact there were over 500,000 pre-release downloads and 200 customers participated in Microsoft’s early deployment program. In addition, Microsoft is so confident with Windows Server 2012 that Microsoft itself is running mission critical platforms like Bing on it.

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