Windows XP End of Support

Support ends for Windows XP

April 8, 2014 marks the official retirement of Windows XP and Office 2003. This means support for these decade-old platforms, including security updates, will end. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we encourage you to take action in the near future to update your desktop platform, so you can avoid disruptions to your practice’s operations.

Today’s cyber security landscape makes it a mandate to adopt the most robust security controls available to help protect the communities and patients you serve. New, innovative Windows and Office technologies can help you maintain network security and compliance; protect practice and patient information; and deliver new possibilities for mobile productivity. There’s never been a better time to get modern.

Enterprise-grade, dramatically strengthened system security and sophisticated data protection technologies offer reliability and help stave off threats.
Anybody can set up new user accounts and groups in seconds. You don’t need high technical skills to set up user accounts. Another existing features that you can restore deleted accounts within 30 days so full peace of mind. With the use of PowerShell, you can create custom scripts and automated processes
Real-time communication and collaboration and security-enhanced, virtually anytime-anywhere access to critical resources – on nearly any device – can enable professionals and administrators to increase efficiency and speed responsiveness to your clients
By modernizing your IT investments, you can maximize your budget; minimize exposure to security risks; and avoid the costs associated with supporting older technologies .
Enable health teams to use their personal devices to access your network. 2 Maintain Office in-house. Or move to Office as a cloud service at your own pace. You can do it all while helping to maintain security and address compliance requirements.
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