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At Synergy IT Solutions, with our experience of dealing with numerous clients from all kinds of business sectors over the years, we are fully aware of the complexity that today’s business firms can face while trying to deploy the most up-to-date or trending technological innovations and also a fact we cannot deny is just how important it is at the same time to embrace these advanced technologies, such as adopting the Cloud technology which is necessary for enhancing the productivity & progress of your business activities. With its unrivalled scalability, dependability, and high-level security features, AWS, or Amazon Web Services has quickly become one of the topmost cloud platforms for an increasing number of businesses that are exploring and adopting cloud computing methods. Synergy IT Solutions has a team of professional experts more than capable of providing you with full assistance in the migration of your business infrastructure smoothly to AWS and taking care of the whole process from start to end.

Seamless AWS Cloud Migration with Synergy IT
AWS Cloud Services
What comprises AWS Migration Services

AWS migration involves the process of moving your data, and apps, along with the on-premises infrastructure to the AWS cloud platform, and at Synergy IT Solutions we offer just that with our comprehensive AWS migration services. Businesses can vastly benefit from an extensive & broad range of AWS services, which include database management, accessibility to huge storage space options, its machine learning capabilities, high processing power, and a lot more, once their migration process is successful. Companies stand to gain more flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and greater scalability in their business procedures by moving to the AWS Cloud platform and it would also help them get rid of all the hassle they would’ve had to put up with while managing additional IT equipment and physical infrastructure.

All-encompassing Approach to AWS Migration Process

Synergy IT provides highly professional services to assist you with every step of your AWS migration process. We have helped implement AWS cloud solutions for many satisfied clients across the GTA. Moreover, we’ve developed a successful approach in customizing the implementation of our AWS migration procedure and going forward with the whole process overall. Our experts have adequate experience & industry expertise, and they are well-versed in handling advanced technological processes, that would be required to successfully execute a smooth AWS migration project. Post-migration assistance and support for our clients are available too. We excel at developing specialized migration plans that are suited to the specific business needs of our clients.

Evaluation and Strategy Development

To identify or determine the best migration strategy, we carry out an extensive evaluation of your current applications and infrastructure. Our specialists formulate a thorough migration strategy which involves planned schedules, requirements for resources, and techniques for limiting risks.

Implementation of the Migration Process

We carry out the migration process accurately and efficiently with the utilization of the latest modern technologies available and make sure to follow industry best practices. We aim to prevent or at least ensure that minimal disturbance is caused to your company’s regular business tasks, whether you’re performing migration of apps.

Training and assistance

We give your in-house staff members thorough training and assistance so that even after the implementation of our migration solutions is complete, your team members have the knowledge and capabilities to efficiently manage and maintain your AWS environment without much problem.


Flexible Administration

AWS provides a truly flexible set of storage and administration capabilities. The architectural design is optimally planned for a variety of applications and software systems. Your IT administrators can easily control your business infrastructure in this cloud.

High Scalability, Availability and Durability

The strong infrastructure of AWS is durable and it brings more reliability for maintaining key production databases owned by businesses. Your organization can also scale the database’s computing and storage resources with merely some clicks or an API call.

Seamless Deployment

When you have AWS for your cloud platform, you can easily proceed from a new project conception to deployment. Introducing new databases and connecting to your enterprise apps is a breeze.


You get the benefits of scalability and reliability with AWS cloud solutions. An extensive and secure infrastructure is the backbone of Amazon’s multi-billion dollar venture and it has been improving year after year. End-to-end encryption is ensured for your apps.

Cost Efficiency

It is an affordable plan and your business will only pay for the resources that it actually uses.

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