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Synergy IT provides BigCommerce Support and Solutions for technical problems you may encounter while operating the BigCommerce Platform.

BigCommerce Overview and How We Help

BigCommerce is a SaaS eCommerce platform used by thousands of SMBs. Synergy IT has decades of experience working as a managed services provider. Amongst various IT sectors, we’ve worked on lot of apps but in regards to eCommerce, we find BigCommerce to be a top class ecommerce solution especially for small-medium businesses. Even if you’ve been using this platform since a while, there’s always a chance you may sometime get into some issue and feel the need of managed support. This is where we help and provide total assistance for BigCommerce. Our BigCommerce Development team is always ready and willing to help your business with any BigCommerce technical problems.

Synergy IT Solutions - Your BigCommerce Support Partner
Expert BigCommerce Assistance by Synergy IT Solutions Team
Synergy IT's big commerce developer Solutions with Bigcommerce Integration

BigCommerce is a platform that integrates well with a lot of 3rd party applications. As experts in ecommerce solutions which includes BigCommerce, Synergy IT bigcommerce developers team builds easy bigcommerce app integrations which leads the platform to create inter-apps integration and help clients take advantage of their data. Also automates workflow in order to accommodate content to various segments and follow up using email with customers after they’ve made purchase.

Manage Bulk Data and E-Cards

No matter what industry your eCommerce store is related to, there’s a good chance you use gift cards, So then these solutions are surely meant to benefit your business. Despite BigCommerce already having a native gift card functionality which can enable you sell gift cards, to make things easier still a third-party tool is necessary especially to sell physical cards on your website. Here Synergy IT will manage this bulk data issue for you by building Integration for BigCommerce to allow you sell physical and e-cards both online. This allows consumers to make their purchases in store and online also. Its an advantage for those clients who might have a physical store along with online store.

Innovative BigCommerce E-commerce Solutions by Synergy IT
Big Commerce SEO​
Big Commerce SEO

Improving the organic search presence really helps increase your website traffic, in turn increasing the leads and ultimately potential conversions. Using Big Commerce SEO practices and built-in features helps optimize both your website and content. Every BigCommerce store has a blog set by default. This may only just seem helpful but actually the platform’s blog functionality is not a great SEO factor. The built-in blog automatically publishes posts to a sub-domain, meaning that the blog doesn’t help improve your site or domain credibility as much as a blog that’s published on the domain would. Majority of Synergy IT clients who host their sites on BigCommerce prefer to host their bigcommerce for wordpress.

24x7 Bigcommerce help

Our techs are available 24×7 for your post set up help. For design and building part also, contact Synergy IT big commerce designers. We’d love to work with your company to design & expand your eCommerce store. All you have to do is dial 866-966-8311 toll free. Our service are based nationwide including major cities like Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

24x7 Bigcommerce help​
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