Managed Security Services

Synergy IT has resources to continually safeguard your digital information and business assets with its Managed Security Solutions.


Whereas mobility, social media, BYOD, virtualization and cloud have opened new doors of flexibility and growth opportunities for businesses, they have also put the users in a landscape affected by complex threats. Enterprises need tailored measures to combat data breaches, malware attacks and insider threats.

Synergy IT has resources to continually safeguard your digital information and business assets with its Managed Security Solutions. We optimize your cyber-security capabilities and help you maintain compliance with our consulting services. Our clients get vendor-agnostic, best-in-class security management solutions tailored to their business requirements and process set ups.

Backed by an experience spanning more than 20 years, we build advanced information security programs that can be deployed for your daily operations to drive continuous improvements in their defence against threats.

Comprehensive cyber security solutions by Synergy IT
Synergy IT's team monitoring network security

We have strict security IT protocols for threat prevention, identification and remediation. With this multi-pronged approach we cover all points of your IT security and give you deep insight into the activities across your network. Our team uses a balanced, risk-prioritized approach to defend your organization against known and evolving threats.

The two chief components of our Managed Security Solutions include:
Partnering with Synergy IT your business can focus on what matters the most, eliminate threats in their earliest stages, and take necessary precautions to safeguard your data within modest budgets. We become an extension of your internal IT admin team and work collaboratively with you to help you reinforce your cyber defence.


The key features of our tailored Managed Security Solutions include:

Vulnerability Management

We build bespoke vulnerability management programs to proactively respond to vulnerabilities and threats that affect your organization’s devices and virtualized platforms. It combines advanced data sciences and orchestration techniques with comprehensive security skills to foresee a vulnerability before it enters your technology environment. It also uncovers and prevents the exploitation of any current weaknesses in the IT systems.

Security Implementation

To protect your sensitive business data and digital assets from ever evolving cyber threats, we deploy powerful security programs. These include streamlined technologies, processes and tools for appropriate controls development and operations support. Without causing any intrusion to your workflow our security tools can scan devices for security issues and respond quickly to prevent any data breach attempts in the IT landscape.

Threat Intelligence and Analytics

Security may not always be enough. This is why Synergy IT also uses its threat-intelligence to proactively monitor your internal IT networks and threats looming in the connected world to prevent sudden cyber attacks on your systems. We transform intelligence updates into actionable risk mitigation to ensure that your business is not vulnerable to the threats that cam damage its data, infrastructure, revenue and reputation.

Disaster Recovery

If the inevitable does occur despite all the endeavours and measures at risk detection and prevention, we have still got you covered. Our IT security specialists are always on their toes to respond against an attack and expedite your business recovery. We minimize the downtime and also help your employees leverage backups to continue their critical work despite a technology challenge.


With Synergy IT’s Managed Security Solutions you can:

  • Build efficient enterprise-grade security architecture with advanced security programs
  • Mitigate the impact of complex cyber threats on your business
  • Create a business-favouring balance between the rewards and risks of cloud computing
  • Leverage the benefits offered by the Internet of Things while keeping your IT systems and data secure
  • Deploy strong identity and access management solutions for better business security and operational efficacy
  • Gain new insights and security intelligence to deploy the measures that combat threats
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