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“The Law is hard, but it is the Law.” – this quote by Cassandra Clare stands testimony to the fact that law is not a silly business, it indeed takes a lot to establish a legal business and there are a host of technology needs that are involved in it. A good legal solution provider has to depend on more than just the required hardware and communication. It needs round-the-clock access to client data, keeping stringent data security measures in place, real time updates of the client information, etc. All these challenges of dealing with the software and hardware requires an efficient IT services partner who is not only well-versed with the industry needs, but can also help you with a plan that is specifically tailored to suit your practice. This is where Synergy IT steps into the picture.


Why Us? Good Question!

Here at Synergy IT Solutions we believe that your focus should be on your legal cases, not technology issues. We understand that technology problems may prove to be a hindrance in the successful management of your business. Here we take control of the entire situation, provide you with the necessary hardware and software support, while making sure that you are able to spend maximum time with your clients.

Our Services for Legal Professionals:

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Hardware Support
  • Asset Configuration
  • Network Traffic Analysis
  • Patch Management
  • Go Live Monitoring
  • Performance Baseline
  • Remote Support

How We Can Help:

As more and more reliability and demands are placed on your IT systems, your staff can inevitably become overburdened. This is particularly applicable if you are running a small or medium-sized practice and do not have full-time staff available to handle all technology needs. As a result, more time is spent in firefighting than actually resolving the necessary issues that require your urgent attention. Here, we become your valuable resource and offer managed IT services which are based on the managed services model. In return you get to benefit from

  • Enhanced productivity of your staff
  • Access to economies of scale
  • Increased returns on investments
  • Best practices and first-class expertise
  • Rapid deployment of technologies
  • New technologies being implemented
  • Increased cost probability of IT management
VPN Technology for Enhanced Security Graphic

Our approach is indeed …. UNIQUE!

We help you achieve your business objectives by using our highly skilled and experienced staff, latest methodologies, and tools in a constructive manner. We arrange meetings and set up a plan that is specifically customized to meet your business goals within a budget that is mutually beneficial.

There is much more to managed IT services than what is stated here. We promise to save your time and money. Contact us right away to let us show you how!

Synergy IT Tech teams are familiar working with many workflow applications used in legal practices like PC Law, TimeMatters, PrimaFact, Equitrack, Desktime to name a few.

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