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The world is rapidly changing and so is the utilized technology. Due to technological advances, more and more companies are going mobile, allowing the workers to work from home or site locations. While only staff members and customers should connect to private company networks, this raises security problem from untrusted or outside sources. Network security and Internet security in this environment becomes paramount. This is where VPN comes handy. A VPN connection provides secure connection between your office and other location including home or remote location. It encrypts data passing over the internet while making the remote location appear to be directly located to the local network. The solution is to provide an encrypted IP tunnel through the Internet that allows distributed sites to communicate securely. We can effectively encrypt the data coming to and from your network, accessible only with your network password and help your employees with safe and secure remote access to your confidential data from home or remote location.

VPN Support Services
Mobile VPN Support Toronto
Mobile Virtual Private Networks

Mobile VPN is used in settings where an endpoint of the VPN is not set to a sole IP address, but instead roams across different networks such as data networks from cellular carriers or between several Wi-Fi access points.

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Synergy IT is a dedicated virtual IT department for any small corporation. Since technology is in consistently changing, it is hard to keep an in-house IT professional who is an expert in all different IT fields. Synergy IT can assist you with expertise in VPN Solutions, from choosing the best value piece of hardware, to integrate it with suitable technology and implement into your present infrastructure to get it working as a value add to your business and also provide you with post sales support as required.

If you have any further question about VPN or need technical support, Synergy IT Solutions is only a call away. Call toll-free at 866-966-8311 to learn more about how Synergy can protect your business providing the Best VPN Support.

Classification of VPN Systems
  • Tunneling Protocol
  • Tunnel’s Termination Point
  • Type of Topology of Connections
  • Levels of Security Provided
  • The OSI Layer ( Layer 2 Circuits / Layer 3 Network Connectivity )
  • The No. of Simultaneous Connections
VPN Business Solutions

Synergy IT has an extensive expertise and experience in implementing an IP-Based VPN technology over the Internet. We design stable and Secure VPN and remote access solutions which allow our clients to work with peace of mind in their networks. We offer secure networks by offering Internet Firewalls, routers, remote access and VPN solutions. Our tech engineers have the expertise in SSL VPN Solutions optimized for business applications.

Please contact us for VPN Support Service, optimizing the availability of network resources and troubleshooting services.

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Serving customers since 1995, Synergy IT is a customer-oriented corporation based in Toronto, ON. We pride in going extra mile for our clients to help them on time. Our goal is customer satisfaction. We achieve that by providing immediate response to any customer inquiry, providing 2 to 4 hours guaranteed technical support in case of emergencies, providing free telephone support for quick-fix, providing timely deliveries for customer orders. Our customers can count on us, since we have access to abundance resources to provide a timely solution to any of their IT problems.

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