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Synergy IT offers reliable Salesforce Applications Development, Maintenance and Support services according to the requirements of your business.

Why Synergy IT Is Important For Your Salesforce Applications Solutions

If you’ve implemented and configured your Salesforce application then these are only the starting Salesforce objectives, because to keep it going and working seamlessly, you will always need specialized maintenance & support particularly in order to deal with any later problems. That is where we come into play. We ensure smooth functioning of your Salesforce app and strive to provide solutions in improving your customers’ service experience.

Leading Salesforce Application Development and Support Services by Synergy IT
Synergy IT's Certified Professional Techs
Certified Professionals

We have experienced Salesforce professionals who build some of the most reliable and secure Salesforce apps that help fulfill our clients’ business needs and provide you timely solutions to ensure speedy acceleration of user-adoption leading to the chances of your Salesforce investment returns get even better, as well as improving your marketing, sales & overall services.

Client Approval

We have built a strong reputation and trust over the years by providing high quality software development solutions to our clients all throughout these years working in the IT sector and are now considered among one of the best managed service providers in the region. We intend to affirm this trust and reputation by providing top quality solutions each and every time we work with a new client so you can fully trust us when choosing us for your Salesforce solutions.

Custom Salesforce Application Development for Enhanced Business Efficiency
Certified Salesforce Professionals at Synergy IT Solutions
Custom Apps For Internal Requirements

We can develop customized apps that add significant amount of features to the Salesforce software to cover your requirements in improving certain internal business processes that otherwise would’t get covered with standard CRM support. Like applications that are needed for delivery planning and property management for example. Our years of experience in software development means we can develop complex apps which could gain quite a good amount of popularity among a sufficient consumer base and get a high Salesforce AppExchange rank.

QA Procedures

To make sure our solutions provide stable and top class performance of the Salesforce apps, we conduct a set of quality assurance processes. In addition to that we apply necessary measure of app automation to assure app’s speedy delivery function and keep the application bug-free.

Synergy IT's Commitment to Quality Salesforce App Solutions
24/7 Dedicated IT Support
24x7 Support

Synergy IT offers 24×7 uninterrupted user assistance, routinely performance reports and system monitoring. We provide total development progress and administration Salesforce platform support to
ensure smooth functioning and speedy enhancement right when required. Our services are accessible Canada-wide in most of the major cities as well as suburbs of the country like Toronto, Vancouver, Mississauga, Brampton, Surrey, Quebec city and Montreal for instance.

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