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Microsoft Teams Support Services With Proven Track Record
Being Microsoft Silver partners we’ve a proven record in helping businesses with Microsoft Teams. We can find ways for your business to make the best of it.
Synergy IT Expert Providing Microsoft Teams Support
Microsoft Teams Overview and how SynergyIT Solutions help

Microsoft Teams is a proprietary business communication platform that has features like file sharing, instant messaging for workspace chat and videoconferencing. Teams lets you work in groups easily whether you’re using mobile or PC. What makes Teams different from other similar apps is its versatility, ability to work in tandem with other applications with functions like Teams conference room systems, Microsoft 365 Business Voice (a cloud-based telephony solution integrated in Teams). Working with these features and utilizing their functions to the fullest can be a complicated task and that is where SynergyIT comes to your aid by providing services mentioned below.

Microsoft Teams Consultation and Advice
We provides advice to support you on your Microsoft Teams journey. From Teams design to strategy and governance related advice, we have it for you. Many organisations use Teams but most don’t have an environment which facilitate their employees with adequate input support. We can help your organisation design such approach to MS Teams that will meet these requirements.
Seamless Microsoft Teams Integration by Synergy IT
Microsoft Teams Consultation and Advice​
Ever Thought Whether You Have Right team in place for supporting inquiries from End-users
The above question and the questions about scheduling meetings, channel or team creation, documents storage and access issues, managing video calls etc. Our End-user training for Microsoft Teams services helps your staff get the support they want. We are keen to take calls and answer your any End-user’s questions regarding Teams functions and features anytime. Our team will integrate with your department’s existing support processes, allowing us take on direct support of your Teams related queries.
Usage Statistics & Analytics for better performance
We can produce the required usage statistics essential in understanding how your users utilize Teams’ features. These analytics will help us understand what scope overall the application is being used at by your employees. In addition to it, SynergyIT provides regular account of the performance metrics and offers suggestions about what needs further improvement.
Usage Statistics & Analytics for better performance​
Governance Solutions for Teams​
Governance Solutions for Teams
SynergyIT is proud of the fact that it’s one of the best in offering governance solutions, laying a correct path for you to manage Teams instances. We can help you get high Teams deployments while ensuring that new deployments also don’t get out of control either.
Our Microsoft Teams Admin Training Program
We conduct training programs which allows speedy adoption and familiarity with the Teams tools. Features are one thing but handling added Teams tools like Desk phones & Teams displays and Teams conference room systems equipment require extra expertise. After completion of this program you can be assured that your admins are fully adept in best adoption and practice of all Microsoft Teams functions, security and compliance.
Microsoft Teams Admin Training Program
Microsoft teams power platform integration
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